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1969 Topps Football Cards and 4-In-1 Mini-Card Albums for sale. Price is per card or album. Please see the Condition guide for grading codes. To purchase anything, see the How To Order page.


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Number Player Team Condition Price
1 Leroy Kelly (HOF) Cleveland Browns VG+ $7
2 Paul Flatley Atlanta Falcons VG/Ex+ 90
3 Jim Cadile (RC) Chicago Bears Ex $1.25
4 Erich Barnes Cleveland Browns Ex/M-: back wax $2.25
5 Willie Richardson Baltimore Colts G-: 97/3 T-B 40
7 Bob Jeter Green Bay Packers Ex- $2.75
8 Jim Colclough Boston Patriots Ex/M $2.40
9 Sherrill Headrick Cincinnati Bengals Ex/M $2
10 Jim Dunaway Buffalo Bills Ex/M $2
11 Bill Munson Detroit Lions Ex/M- $2
12 Jack Pardee Los Angeles Rams Ex/M- $2
13 Jim Lindsey (RC) Minnesota Vikings Ex: yellow bar at top $1.50
14 Dave Whitsell New Orleans Saints NM $3
15 Tucker Frederickson New York Giants Ex/M+ $2.25
16 Alvin Haymond Philadelphia Eagles Ex/M+ $2.25
17 Andy Russell Pittsburgh Steelers Ex/M- $2.25
18 Tom Beer Denver Broncos NM $3
19 Bobby Maples Houston Oilers Ex/M $2
20 Len Dawson (HOF) Kansas City Chiefs Ex/M $14.50
21 Willis Crenshaw St. Louis Cardinals Ex/M- $1.90
22 Tommy Davis San Francisco 49ers Ex/M: back wax $3.20
23 Rickie Harris Washington Redskins Ex/M $2
24 Jerry Simmons Atlanta Falcons VG/Ex- 70
26 Brian "Bryon/Bryan" Piccolo (RC) UER Chicago Bears Ex/M $125
27 Bob Matheson (RC) Cleveland Browns Ex/M $2.40
28 Howard Twilley Miami Dolphins Ex $1.50
29-A Jim Turner - red dot New York Jets Ex: front wax $1.50
31 Lance Rentzel (RC) Dallas Cowboys Ex/M $6.50
32 Bill Triplett Detroit Lions Ex $1.25
33 Boyd Dowler Green Bay Packers Ex/M- $4.75
34 Merlin Olsen (HOF) Los Angeles Rams Ex+ $6.25
36 Dan Abramowicz (RC) New Orleans Saints Ex/M $5.50
37 (Carl) Spider Lockhart New York Giants NM- $3.50
38 Tom Day San Diego Chargers Ex/M $2
39 Art Graham Boston Patriots Ex/M $2
40 Bob Cappadona (RC) Buffalo Bills Ex/M- $2.25
41 Gary Ballman Philadelphia Eagles Ex/M $2
42 Clendon Thomas Pittsburgh Steelers Ex/M-: back wax $1.90
43 Jackie Smith (HOF) St. Louis Cardinals VG/Ex $2.80
44 Dave Wilcox (HOF) San Francisco 49ers VG/Ex+ $2.25
45 Jerry Smith Washington Redskins Ex/M+ $4.50
46 Dan Grimm Atlanta Falcons VG/Ex 80
47 Tom Matte Baltimore Colts Ex+ $2.50
48 John Stofa (RC) Cincinnati Bengals Ex/M $2.80
49 Rex Mirich Denver Broncos Ex/M-: back wax $1.50
50 Miller Farr Houston Oilers Ex/M $2
51 Gale Sayers (HOF) Chicago Bears Ex+ $35
53 Bob Lilly (HOF) Dallas Cowboys Ex/M-: back wax $9
54 Wayne Walker Detroit Lions Ex- $1.80
56 Ed Meador Los Angeles Rams Ex/M $3.20
57 Lonnie Warwick (RC) Minnesota Vikings Ex/M- $3.20
58 Wendell Hayes Kansas City Chiefs NM- $2.80
59 Dick Anderson (RC) Miami Dolphins Ex/M- $13
60 Don Maynard (HOF) New York Jets Ex/M $6.50
61 Tony Lorick New Orleans Saints Ex $1.25
62 Pete Gogolak New York Giants Ex $1.50
63 Nate Ramsey Philadelphia Eagles Ex/M $2
64 Dick Shiner (RC) Pittsburgh Steelers Ex/M $3.50
65 Larry Wilson (HOF) UER St. Louis Cardinals NM- $6
66 Ken Willard San Francisco 49ers Ex/M $3.60
67 Charley Taylor (HOF) UER "interceptions" Washington Redskins Ex/M: back wax $5.75
68 Billy Cannon Oakland Raiders Ex: back wax $1.50
69 Lance Alworth (HOF) San Diego Chargers Ex/M- $7.50
70 Jim Nance Boston Patriots Ex/M $2.40
71 Nick Rassas (RC) Atlanta Falcons Ex/M $2
72 Lenny Lyles Baltimore Colts Ex/M $2
73 Bennie McRae Chicago Bears Ex/M $2
74 Bill Glass Cleveland Browns Ex/M $2
75 Don Meredith Dallas Cowboys Ex/M $32
76 Dick LeBeau (HOF) Detroit Lions Ex $3.50
77 Carroll Dale Green Bay Packers Ex/M- $3.20
79 Charlie King (RC) UER "Charley" Cincinnati Bengals Ex/M $2.40
80 First Series Checklist UER --- G/VG: checked in pencil $4.50
82 Roy Winston Minnesota Vikings Ex/M $2.40
83 Don McCall (RC) New Orleans Saints Ex/M-: back wax $2.25
84 Jim Katcavage New York Giants Ex/M $2.40
86 Earl Gros Pittsburgh Steelers Ex/M $2
87 Don Brumm (RC) St. Louis Cardinals NM $2.50
88 Sonny Bishop Houston Oilers Ex+ $1.25
89 Fred Arbanas Kansas City Chiefs Ex/M $2
90 Karl Noonan (RC) Miami Dolphins VG+: 10/90 L-R $1.25
91 Dick Witcher (RC) San Francisco 49ers NM $3
92 Vince Promuto Washington Redskins VG/Ex+ 90
93 Tommy Nobis Atlanta Falcons Ex/M $4
94 Jerry Hill (RC) Baltimore Colts Ex/M $2.40
95 Ed O'Bradovich (RC) Chicago Bears Ex/M-: back wax $3.25
96 Ernie Kellerman (RC) Cleveland Browns Ex/M+ $2.80
99 Ron Mix (HOF) San Diego Chargers Ex+ $3
101 Billy Gambrell (RC) Detroit Lions VG 75
102 Elijah Pitts Green Bay Packers Ex/M $4
103 Billy Truax (RC) Los Angeles Rams Ex/M+ $3.75
104 Ed Sharockman Minnesota Vikings Ex $1.50
106 Greg Larson New York Giants Ex/M $2.40
107 Israel Lang (RC) Philadelphia Eagles Ex/M $2.40
108 Houston Antwine Boston Patriots Ex/M $2.40
109 Paul Guidry (RC) Buffalo Bills Ex/M- $2.40
110 Al Denson Denver Broncos Ex/M $2
111 Roy Jefferson Pittsburgh Steelers Ex/M $3.20
112 Chuck Latourette (RC) St. Louis Cardinals Ex+ $1.75
113 Jimmy Johnson (HOF) San Francisco 49ers Ex $2.75
115 Randy Johnson Atlanta Falcons Ex/M- $2.25
116 Lou Michaels Baltimore Colts Ex+ $1.80
117 Rudy Kuechenberg (RC) Chicago Bears Ex/M- $3.20
119 Goldie Sellers (RC) Kansas City Chiefs Ex/M $2.40
120 Larry Csonka (RC/HOF) Miami Dolphins Ex/M- $65
122 Craig Baynham (RC) Dallas Cowboys Ex/M-: back wax $3
124 Jim Grabowski Green Bay Packers VG/Ex+ $1.80
126 Larry Bowie Minnesota Vikings Ex/M+ $2.70
127 Dave Parks New Orleans Saints Ex+ $1.80
129 Steve DeLong San Diego Chargers VG/Ex 80
130 Fred Hill (RC) Philadelphia Eagles VG/Ex $1
131 Ernie Koy New York Giants Ex $1.50
132-A Second Series Checklist - without Border --- G+: checked in pencil $3.50
132-B Second Series Checklist - with Border --- Ex: Unchecked $15
137 Billy Lothridge (RC) - Fran Tarkenton's face on back! Atlanta Falcons Ex/M $3.20
140 Frank Ryan Cleveland Browns NM $5
142 George Saimes Buffalo Bills NM- $3.50
145 Johnnie Robinson (RC) UER "Johnny" Detroit Lions Ex/M $4.50
148 Billy Martin Minnesota Vikings Ex/M- $2.25
149 Gene Howard (RC) New Orleans Saints Ex/M $2.80
152 W. K. Hicks Houston Oilers Ex/M $2.40
153 Bobby Bell (HOF) Kansas City Chiefs Ex/M- $5.75
154 Sam Baker Philadelphia Eagles VG/Ex+ $1.15
155 Marv Woodson Pittsburgh Steelers Ex: front wax $1.50
158 Carl Kammerer Washington Redskins NM- $3.50
164 Ronnie (Ron) Bull Chicago Bears Ex/M $2.80
165 Walter Johnson (RC) Cleveland Browns VG/Ex+ $1.80
167 Mike Lucci Detroit Lions Ex/M+ $3.60
171 John Hadl San Diego Chargers Ex/M- $4.75
172 Gino Cappelletti Boston Patriots VG/Ex+ $2
174 Steve Stonebreaker New Orleans Saints Ex/M $2.40
176 Joe Scarpati Philadelphia Eagles Ex/M $2.40
179 Kermit Alexander San Francisco 49ers Ex/M $2.40
181 Pete Perreault (RC) Cincinnati Bengals VG/Ex+ $1.35
182 Pete Duranko (RC) Denver Broncos Ex/M $2.40
187 Ben Davis (RC) Cleveland Browns Ex/M $2.40
188 Mike Clark Dallas Cowboys VG/Ex+ $1.80
190 Dave Robinson (HOF) Green Bay Packers VG/Ex+ SOLD
195 Mick Tingelhoff (HOF) Minnesota Vikings NM- $5.75
196 Earl Leggett New Orleans Saints Ex/M $2.40
197 Pete Case New York Giants Ex: front wax $1.50
198 Tom Woodeshick (RC) Philadelphia Eagles Ex/M $4
202 Jacque MacKinnon San Diego Chargers Ex: front wax $1.50
203 Jim Whalen Boston Patriots VG/Ex+ $1.35
204 Matt Hazeltine San Francisco 49ers VG/Ex+ $1.35
206 Ray Ogden (RC) Atlanta Falcons Ex/M $2.40
209 Gene Hickerson (HOF) Cleveland Browns Ex/M- $5
211 Tom Sestak Buffalo Bills VG/Ex+ $1.35
214 Tom Vaughn (RC) Detroit Lions NM $3.25
216 Les Josephson Los Angeles Rams NM- $3.25
221 Pete Beathard Houston Oilers Ex/M $2.40
223 Frank Emanuel Miami Dolphins Ex/M $2.40
224 Paul Martha Pittsburgh Steelers Ex/M $2.40
225 Johnny Roland St. Louis Cardinals VG/Ex+ $1.35
226 Gary Lewis San Francisco 49ers VG/Ex+ $1.35
229 Mike Curtis (RC) Baltimore Colts Ex/M $9
230 Richie Petitbon Chicago Bears VG/Ex+ $1.35
235 Craig Morton Dallas Cowboys Ex/M+ $8
239 Grady Alderman Minnesota Vikings NM+ $4.50
241 Mike Taliaferro Boston Patriots VG/Ex+ $1.80
243 Bobby Hunt Cincinnati Bengals Ex/M $2.40
244 Homer Jones New York Giants Ex+ $2.25
259 J. R. Wilburn Pittsburgh Steelers NM- $3.25


1969 TOPPS FOOTBALL 4-IN-1 MINI-CARD ALBUM INSERTS - Loaded with HOFers and Rookies! And a Few One-Of-A-Kinds!!!

Album # / Team Player Stamps Inside Price
#1 Atlanta Falcons Randy Johnson, Jim Butler, Nick Rassas (RY), Jerry Simmons, Paul Flatley, Billy Lothridge (RY), Jim Burson (RY), Jim Simon (RY), Ray Ogden (RY) $5.50
#2 Baltimore Colts Johnny Unitas (HOF) on cover / Johnny Unitas (HOF), John Mackey (HOF), Jerry Hill (RY), Bob Vogel, Billy Ray Smith, Lou Michaels, Mike Curtis (RY) $10
#3 Chicago Bears Gale Sayers (HOF), Dick Butkus (HOF), ("Bryon") Brian Piccolo (UER, RY, besides his regular 1969 series card, this is his only other vintage card), Jack Concannon, Ed O'Bradovich (RY), Richie Petitbon, Rosey Taylor, Jim Cadile (RY), Ron Bull $15
#4 Cleveland Browns Leroy Kelly (HOF), Gene Hickerson (HOF), Bill Nelsen, Bob Matheson (RY), Erich Barnes, Gary Collins, Ben Davis (RY), Walter Johnson (RY), Bill Glass $7
#5 Dallas Cowboys Complete: Don Meredith, Bob Hayes (HOF), Bob Lilly (HOF), Mel Renfro (HOF), Craig Morton, Lance Rentzel (RY), Chuck Howley (HOF), Don Perkins, Mike Clark, Craig Baynham (RY) $10
#5 Dallas Cowboys Don Meredith, Bob Lilly (HOF), Mel Renfro (HOF), Chuck Howley (HOF), Mike Clark, Craig Baynham (RY) $6.50
#5 Dallas Cowboys Don Meredith, Mel Renfro (HOF) $5
#5 Dallas Cowboys ---Empty--- $5
#6 Detroit Lions Complete: Alex Karras (HOF), Dick LeBeau (HOF), Bill Munson, Wayne Walker, Mike Lucci, Bill Triplett, Tom Nowatzke, Billy Gambrell (RY), John Robinson (RY), Jim Gibbons $7
#6 Detroit Lions Bill Munson, Wayne Walker, Billy Gambrell (RY), John Robinson (RY) $3.50
#6 Detroit Lions Billy Gambrell (RY) $3.50
#7 Green Bay Packers Bart Starr (HOF) on cover / Herb Adderley (HOF), Elijah Pitts, Bob Jeter $7
#8 Los Angeles Rams Complete: Roman Gabriel, Merlin Olsen (HOF), Bob Brown (UER, Not the Rams HOFer but the Packers' Bob Brown), Jack Snow, Maxie Baughan, Les Josephson, Bernie Casey, Ed Meador, Jack Pardee, Dick Bass $8
#8 Los Angeles Rams Merlin Olsen (HOF), Bob Brown (UER, not the Rams HOFer but the Packers' Bob Brown), Jack Snow, Les Josephson, Ed Meador, Jack Pardee, Dick Bass $5
#8 Los Angeles Rams Merlin Olsen (HOF), Les Josephson, Jack Pardee, Dick Bass $5
#10 New Orleans Saints Complete: Billy Kilmer, Doug Atkins (HOF), Dan Abramowicz (RY), Don McCall (RY), Dave Whitsell, Charlie Durkee (RY), Dave Parks, Tony Lorick, Gene Howard (RY), Steve Stonebreaker $6.50
#11 New York Giants Norm Snead on cover / Fran Tarkenton (HOF), Homer Jones, Jim Katcavage, Spider Lockhart, Tucker Frederickson, Pete Gogolak, Joe Morrison, Darrell Dess, Greg Larson $8
#11 New York Giants Norm Snead on cover / Homer Jones $4
#12 Philadelphia Eagles Ray Nitschke (HOF) on cover / Norm Snead, Tom Woodeshick (RY), Gary Ballman, Sam Baker, Alvin Haymond, Nate Ramsey, Israel Lang (RY), Dave Lloyd, Joe Scarpati $5.50
#13 Pittsburgh Steelers Roy Jefferson, Andy Russell, Bobby Walden, Earl Gros, J. R. Wilburn, Dick Hoak, Clendon Thomas, Paul Martha, Marv Woodson $5
#14 St. Louis Cardinals Jim Hart, Larry Wilson (HOF), Johnny Roland, Charley Johnson, Willis Crenshaw, Larry Stallings (RY), Dave Williams $5.50
#15 San Francisco 49ers Joe Walton on cover / John Brodie, Dave Wilcox (HOF), Ken Willard, Gary Lewis, Tommy Davis, Clifton McNeil (RY), Dick Witcher (RY), Kermit Alexander, Bruce Bosley - Centerfold Loose $4
#16 Washington Redskins Dick James on cover / Sonny Jurgensen (HOF), Chris Hanburger (HOF), Bobby Mitchell (HOF), Jerry Smith, Pat Richter, Charlie Gogolak, Rickie Harris, Vince Promuto, Walter Rock $7.50
#17 Boston Patriots Complete: Andy Robustelli (HOF) on cover / Jim Nance, Gino Cappelletti, Mike Taliaferro, Jim Whalen, Houston Antwine, Art Graham, Larry Garron, Jim Colclough, Sid Blanks, John Bramlett $8
#17 Boston Patriots Andy Robustelli (HOF) on cover / Jim Nance, Mike Taliaferro, Jim Whalen, Larry Garron, Jim Colclough, Sid Blanks $4.50
#17 Boston Patriots Andy Robustelli (HOF) on cover / Mike Taliaferro, Jim Colclough $4
#18 Buffalo Bills Rosey Grier on cover / Jack Kemp (his only 1969 card as he is not in the regular Topps 1969 set!), Mike Stratton, Bob Cappadona (RY), George Saimes, George Byrd, Jim Dunaway, Tom Sestak, Paul Guidry (RY), Ron McDole $9
#19 Cincinnati Bengals Bobby Hunt, Charlie King (RY), John Stofa (RY), Sherrill Headrick, Ernie Wright, Pete Perreault (RY), Ken Herock, Solomon Brannan and Dennis Randall (their only Topps cards, both never in a regular series!) - Centerfold Loose $4.50
#20 Denver Broncos Complete: Bob Ferguson on cover / Floyd Little (HOF), Eric Crabtree, Al Denson, Tom Beer, Dave Costa, Pete Jaquess, Pete Duranko (RY), Rex Mirich, Sam Brunelli, Carl Cunningham (his only Topps card, never in a regular series!) - Centerfold Loose $4.50
#21 Houston Oilers Complete: Pete Beathard, Miller Farr, Leroy Mitchell, Bobby Maples, W. K. Hicks, Walt Suggs, Sonny Bishop, Don Trull, Marion Rushing, Jim LeMoine (his only Topps card, never in a regular series!) $6.50
#21 Houston Oilers Walt Suggs, Sonny Bishop $3.25
#22 Kansas City Chiefs Len Dawson (HOF), Buck Buchanan (HOF), Bobby Bell (HOF), Otis Taylor, Wendell Hayes, Goldie Sellers (RY), Fred Arbanas, Bert Coan, Reg Carolan (his only Topps card, never in a regular series!) $9
#23 Miami Dolphins Lane Howell on cover / Bob Griese (HOF), Larry Csonka (RY/HOF), Nick Buoniconti (HOF), Howard Twilley, Dick Anderson (RY), Karl Noonan (RY), Jim Keyes (RY), Willie West, Doug Moreau $9
#24 New York Jets Bobby Layne (HOF) on cover / Joe Namath (HOF), Don Maynard (HOF), Matt Snell, Jim Turner, Gerry Philbin, Dave Herman, Paul Rochester, Ralph Baker, Bob Talamini $12.50
#25 Oakland Raiders Complete: Jim Taylor (HOF) on cover / Daryle Lamonica, George Blanda (HOF), Fred Biletnikoff (HOF), Jim Otto (HOF), Ben Davidson, Hewritt Dixon, Pete Banaszak (RY), Billy Cannon, Dave Grayson, Dan Birdwell $12
#26 San Diego Chargers John Hadl, Lance Alworth (HOF), Ron Mix (HOF), Gary Garrison, Les Duncan, Tom Day, Walt Sweeney, Steve DeLong, Jacque MacKinnon $7
CONDITION NOTE: Condition ranges from VG to Ex because of the stamps inside, but none of these albums show extreme wear or tears.
Typically, the fewer the stamps the higher the grade. Any loose centerfolds are noted.
Also see: 1969 Topps Football Mini-Card Lots


Purchasing Help is on the How To Order page.