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UFO / Flying Saucer collectibles are listed by category and then in alphabetical order. Nothing on this page is written as fiction. You'll find fictional works on this subject matter scattered elsewhere throughout this Web site. Please see the Condition guide for grading codes. To purchase anything, see the How To Order page.

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CHARIOTS OF THE GODS? by Erich Von Däniken (translated by Michael Heron). Paperback, VG, Published 1968, Seventeenth Printing (after May 1972), Bantam Books Q5753, ISBN: 553-05753-125, 176 pages plus 16 pages of B&W photographs, O/P edition. As featured on TV as part of "In Search Of Ancient Astronauts." Read Von Däniken's interpretation of historical events and artifacts that convince him we have been visited by extraterrestrial beings. See covers  $4.50

THE COMING OF THE GODS by Jean Sendy (translated by Lowell Bair). Paperback, FN-, Published 1970, August 1973, First Berkley Medallion Books Edition in English, SBN: 425-02398-2, 256 pages, illustrated, O/P. More theories about man's origins and how the earth was visited and advanced by extraterrestrials. Learn about Theosites, the prophecy of the Elohim, and much more. The Kent cigarettes ad is still intact. See covers  $12

COMMUNION - A TRUE STORY by Whitley Strieber. Paperback, As New-, February 1988, First Avon Books Printing, Avon Books, ISBN: 0-380-70388-2, 320 pages, O/P edition. Strieber's first hand account of his alien abduction experiences. See covers  $7

FLYING SAUCERS - HERE AND NOW! by Frank Edwards. Paperback, VG+, Published 1967, First Bantam Edition, September 1968, First Printing, Bantam Books S3631, 176 pages plus 8 glossy pages of B&W photographs, O/P. Follow-up work to "Flying Saucers - Serious Business" with more documented sighting stories, most from the 1965-67 time frame, including the Michigan flap, Hynek's legendary "swamp gas" news conference, the Condon committee, the CBS "Friend, Foe or Fantasy?" program, foo fighters of WWII, the U.S. military's seven phase contact scenario from 1950, and much more. Edwards even discusses fifties UFO guru George Adamski, plus Marlene Travers, and the abductee craze. See covers  $12

FLYING SAUCERS - SERIOUS BUSINESS by Frank Edwards. Paperback, G: Store name stamped on inside back cover, orange crayon marks on several pages but none interfere with the text, Published 1966, 1966 Bantam Edition, Third Printing, Bantam Books S3378, 192 pages plus 32 pages of B&W photographs, O/P. Frank's best selling book on the UFO phenomenon. See covers  $2.50

FLYING SAUCERS: THE STARTLING EVIDENCE OF THE INVASION FROM OUTER SPACE by Coral E. Lorenzen. Paperback, FN, 1966, Fourth Printing, Signet Books T3058, 280 pages plus 8 pages of B&W photographs, O/P. Early 1962 edition originally titled: The Great Flying Saucer Hoax. Co-founder of APRO, Coral Lorenzen presents a unique slant on the UFO phenomena from an early-1960s perspective. See covers  $12

GOD DRIVES A FLYING SAUCER by Robert L. Dione. Paperback, FN, Published 1969, August 1973, Bantam Books Q7733, ISBN: 553-07733-125, 144 pages, O/P. R. L. Dione believes that God is a super-technological being, who created us earth folk through his technology, and sets out to prove it in his book. See covers  $8


GODS FROM OUTER SPACE by Erich Von Däniken (translated by Michael Heron). Paperback, Looks As New but there are two small mysterious "water stains" on the bottom edge of the book that effect short sections of the book's margin - how did they appear in two completely different areas? why do they mysteriously effect brief sections and not the whole book?, see for yourself! could be extraterrestrial in nature! - priced accordingly, Published 1968, May 1973, 18th Printing, Bantam Books Q7276, ISBN: 553-07276-125, 192 pages plus 16 pages of B&W photographs, O/P edition. Originally published as "Return To The Stars." Read more of Von Däniken's interpretation of historical events and artifacts that convince him we have been visited by extraterrestrial beings. See covers  $7.50

THE GOLD OF THE GODS by Erich Von Däniken (translated by Michael Heron). Paperback, VG+ (grade due to surface scuffing on the front cover's raised lettering, otherwise book is FN), Published June 1973, August 1974, First Bantam Edition and Printing, Bantam Books X8477, ISBN: 553-08477-175, 256 pages, O/P edition. More of Von Däniken's interpretation of historical events and artifacts that convince him we have been visited by extraterrestrial beings. This book is loaded with photographs and illustrations. There is a lengthy bibliography in the back of the book. See covers  $8.50

IN SEARCH OF ANCIENT GODS: MY PICTORIAL EVIDENCE FOR THE IMPOSSIBLE by Erich Von Däniken (translated by Michael Heron). Paperback, As New-, Published September 1974, September 1975, First Bantam Edition and Printing, Bantam Books Y6363, ISBN: 553-06363-195, 224 pages, O/P edition. With over 270 photographs and illustrations, Von Däniken's presents his graphic "evidence" that we have been visited by extraterrestrial beings. Bibliography in the back of the book. See covers  $12

INTRUDERS: THE INCREDIBLE VISITATIONS AT COPLEY WOODS by Budd Hopkins. Hardcover (As New) with Dust Jacket (FN), 1987, Third Printing, Random House, ISBN: 0-394-56076-0, size approximately 6.5 x 9.5 inches, 244 pages with 8 pages of B&W photos and illustrations, O/P edition. Budd Hopkins' two and a half year investigation into a single UFO abduction case. Hopkins presents his evidence that humans are being examined and operated on by aliens. See covers  $10

LIGHT YEARS: AN INVESTIGATION INTO THE EXTRATERRESTRIAL EXPERIENCES OF EDUARD MEIER by Gary Kinder. Hardcover with Dust Jacket, As New-, 1987, First Edition, Atlantic Monthly Press, ISBN: 0-87113-139-0, size 6 1/4 x 9 3/8 inches, 276 pages, O/P. An investigative report on Billy Meier's Swiss UFO experiences. Fascinating book about one of most well-documented UFO cases of our time. Truth or Hoax? You decide. Contains an 8 page color photo section. Over 40% off original cover price. See covers  $12

MESSAGE FROM THE PLEIADES: THE CONTACT NOTES OF EDUARD BILLY MEIER edited and annotated by Wendelle C. Stevens (Signed). Hardback (As New) with Dust Jacket (As New-), 1988, Unstated Edition and Printing, Privately Published in association with UFO Photo Archives and Genesis III Publishing, ISBN: 0-934269-14-0, size 6.25 x 9.25 inches, 416 pages plus endpapers, O/P. Obtained directly from Wendelle and inscribed to me on the front endpaper: My very best wishes to Emory Sena - W. C. Stevens 13 Aug '90. This book begins the series of translated contact notes featuring Swiss farmer Eduard Billy Meier's conversations with extraterrestrial beings from the star cluster Pleiades. Includes Meier's notes, translated from German to English, from his first physical contact on January 28, 1975 to his 35th contact on September 16, 1975. Many black & white UFO (beamship) photographs are reproduced throughout the book. Fascinating reading on subjects that span everything from hyperspace travel to religion. Low print run. Wendelle Stevens died on September 7, 2010. See covers  See signature  $375


PROJECT BLUE BOOK edited by Brad Steiger. Paperback, As New-, Published 1976, June 1987, Second Printing, Ballantine Books 34525, ISBN: 0-345-34525-8, 432 pages plus 32 pages of B&W photographs, O/P. Steiger wades through the volumes of findings from Project Sign, Project Grudge, Special Report #14, and Project Blue Book and presents the best cases. The timeline begins with Kenneth Arnold in 1947 and continues into the 1970s. See covers  $35

THE ROSWELL INCIDENT by Charles Berlitz and William Moore. Paperback, As New-, Published 1980, November 1988, Second Printing, Berkley 11192, ISBN: 0-425-11192-X, 192 pages with photos and illustrations, O/P edition. America's best known UFO cover-up. This is the paperback that rekindled the Roswell flame. Includes an examination of the July 1947 crash with a reconstructed timeline of events, as well as the fall out from the incident in the following years. Touches on the Eisenhower viewing of 1954, the late forties FBI demand for control, and even the parallel connection with the Russian Lake Onega crash in 1961. See covers  $6

THE SPACESHIPS OF EZEKIEL by Josef F. Blumrich. Paperback, FN+, February 1974, First Bantam Printing (in English), Bantam Books Y8378, SBN: 553-08378-195, 192 pages including B&W photographs and illustrations, O/P. Did the biblical prophet Ezekiel see an extra-terrestrial spacecraft? Read this examination by NASA expert Blumrich and decide for yourself. Featured in the NBC-TV Special "In Search of Ancient Mysteries."  See covers  $39

THE TRUTH ABOUT THE UFO CRASH AT ROSWELL by Kevin D. Randle and Donald R. Schmitt. Hardcover with Dust Jacket, As New, 1994, Unstated Edition, Second Printing, M. Evans and Company, ISBN: 0-8713-761-3, size 5.75 x 8.5 inches, 276 pages, O/P edition. Extensive investigation into the crash, recovery and government cover-up of an unidentified flying object into the desert near Roswell, New Mexico, in July 1947. Supported by interviews with eyewitnesses, this well-researched book weeds out the fiction from the facts concerning an incident that still has many inconsistent explanations by the government about the simple recovery of a balloon. Includes photos, illustrations and photocopies of supporting documentation. See covers  $25

UFO...CONTACT FROM RETICULUM by Wendelle C. Stevens and William J. Herrmann. Hardcover with Dust Jacket, As New, 1981, Limited First Edition of 5,000 copies, Privately published by Wendelle C. Stevens, ISBN: 0-93785-06-3, size 5.75 x 8.75 inches, 400 pages plus endpapers, O/P. Detailed report of the investigation of the Bill Herrmann alien contact story that took place in South Carolina between 1977 and 1981. Heavily illustrated with Herrman's own drawings and photos, including 16 pages of color UFO photographs. Bill tells his firsthand story of contact with beings from Zeta Reticuli and the "Network" that observes earth. Low print run volume. See covers  $39


THE UFO INVESTIGATOR'S HANDBOOK by Craig Glenday. Softback, As New, 1999, First Edition, Running Press, ISBN: 0-7624-0619-4, approximate size 7.25 x 9 inches, 144 pages, O/P. This excellent practical guide to researching, identifying, and documenting unexplained sightings is loaded with color and B&W photographs and illustrations. Packed with information, the four main sections include Sightings, Landings and Encounters, Analysis, Research, and Hot Spots. Sub-chapters examine UFO history, common UFO types, exotic and manmade crafts, extraterrestrial races, crop circles, animal mutilations, some of the more famous abduction cases and contactees, Roswell, Gulf Breeze, MJ-12, and much more. Also included is a list of field essentials, UFO report form, contacts, and a reading reference. Foreword by Stanton Friedman. See covers  $18

UFO PHOTOGRAPHS AROUND THE WORLD VOLUMES 1 and 2 SET by Wendelle Stevens and August Roberts. Hardcovers with Dust Jackets, As New- and As New, 1986-1985, First Editions, UFO Photo Archives, America West, size 6.25 x 9.25 inches, 256 pages plus endpapers, O/P. Privately published with small print runs, these books should be on the shelves of every Ufologist out there. Organized by disc types, these volumes go case by case showing all available B&W photos in the sighting, line drawings of the craft and present as detailed a verbal description of the event as possible. In the back of each book are various appendices, including a chronological listing of most major sightings from 1947 through 1956, with a selection of pre-1947 events. Wendelle showed me the completed galleys for Volume 3, which has yet to be published, and with his death probably never will, so this is all you will get from his and Roberts' amazing collections. See covers  Both volumes for $125

UFO - RICHARD BRUNSWICK PHOTOCOLLECTION: Softback, As New, 1999, Unstated First Edition and Only Printing, Goliath, ISBN: 3-9805876-3-0, size 5.5 x 7.5 inches, 320 pages, O/P, Import. Small print run book packed with over 300 photos of UFOs and related images from the Richard Brunswick (pseudonym) collection. Photos span the 1940s to 1990s (or do they?) and are in color and B&W. Brunswick has amassed an impressive collection and the vast majority of these photographs have never seen commercial publication, making this volume a rare addition to any Ufologist's bookshelves, or is it? The editor of this book has selected what he believes to be the best examples from the entire collection for publication in this one-of-a-kind volume, or are they? The publisher has already stated that this book (their first published) will not go back for another printing and they are selling copies for $129 in their catalogue. That part is 100% true. Text is in English, German, French, Spanish, and Italian. See covers  $85

UFOS OVER THE AMERICAS by Jim and Coral Lorenzen. Paperback, VG+, May 1968, First Printing, Signet Books T3513, 256 pages plus 4 pages of B&W photographs (4 by Rex Heflin & 2 by Paul Trent), O/P edition. Follow-up work to "Startling Evidence" with more well documented investigation into UFO sightings, including the latest cases from 1967. See covers  $15

THE WORLD OF THE UNKNOWN - ALL ABOUT UFOs by Ted Wilding-White. Softback, As New with a 1/8 inch back cover chip on the price, First Published in 1977, 1989, Second Printing, Usborne Publishing, UK import, ISBN: 0-86020-150-3, size 8 1/2 x 10 7/8 inches, 32 pages, O/P. Filled with color illustrations, B&W and color UFO photos, this book attempts to cover the entire history of UFOs and the flying saucer phenomenon in 32 pages. See covers  $9.75



ANCIENT ASTRONAUTS Volume 1, #2: March 1976, VF+, 64 pages, UFOs, ancient astronaut theories, Stonehenge, Nepal, Carl Jung, Will Jima deciphers 666 and the book of Revelations, the Great Pyramid of Egypt, cataclysms, book reviews, and more from the publishers of "Official UFO." See covers  $12

OFFICIAL UFO Volume 1, #4: November 1975, F/VF+. Loaded with great photos, 1975 North Carolina UFO wave, Delphos Landing Case Part 1, Philip Klass refutes UFOs, Alberton Spacecraft film footage, 1966 Montauk flap, CUFOS, Bell-shaped UFOs analyzed by Wendelle Stevens, Denmark UFO photos, articles by Kevin Randle and Jim Lorenzen, and more! See covers  $8

OFFICIAL UFO Volume 1, #6: February 1976, VF. Misdated inside as 1975; Loaded with great photos, Diaz Abduction in Argentina, 1971 Quebec sightings, Capt. Mantell Crash examined, MUFON, Cattle mutilations, Flying Cross over England, photo analysis by Wendelle Stevens, and more! See covers  $10

OMNI #1: October 1978, NM- with 1 inch scuff below left logo "O", priced as VF/NM. The premiere issue including UFO updates, a Robots pictorial with text by Harry Harrison, Roman Vishniac, Freeman Dyson interview, the Shroud of Turin, fiction by Isaac Asimov, Theodore Sturgeon, Ron Goulart, and James B. Hall, H.R. Giger painting, and many other features! See covers  $35


SAGA'S 1975 UFO ANNUAL Volume 1, #1: 1975, VF/NM-. 96 pages; loaded with great photos, Pascagoula UFO Kidnapping, Mitchel AFB landing, Warminster sightings, Blount Island, 1913 Phantom Airships, Japan's Man-Dog Mystery, UFOs and Bigfoot, Air Force cover-ups, Saucers and Celebrities, and more! See covers  $12

SAGA UFO REPORT Volume 5, #3: January 1978, VF/NM-, 80 pages of UFOs, Patterson Bigfoot footage analyzed, Betty Hill interview, "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" preview and on cover, The Great Lakes Triangle explored, the psychic force of evil, Douglas MacArthur, the Cayce School for Psychics, Skyquakes and UFOs, and more! See covers  $11

UFO - Tattler Special Classified Investigation On...: Winter 1975, Tabloid, VF with slight page edge tanning; color covers, 20 newspaper size pages of UFO photos and articles including 1959 Diamond Head saucer, 1973 Pascagula abduction, Major Donald Keyhoe interview, European sightings, Elizabeth Klarer Fielding, air force cover-ups, Carlos Antonio de los Santos Montiel plane incident, 1952 Giampiero Monguzzi UFO landing photo, cattle mutilations, and more! See covers  $9

UFO UNIVERSE Volume 1, #6: Winter 1991, NM, 64 pages of UFOs photos and reports, Jim Nichols cover art, Roswell crash update, Alien symbols and codes, abductions, color and B&W alien photos, Cambodian and Russian contacts, Paul Bennewitz, and more! See covers  $10



VHS CONDITION NOTES: "I place no warranty on the tape(s)" does not mean you are getting stuck with junk. It means if the tape was opened, it played perfectly on a well-maintained Panasonic or Sony VHS player. If it jams on an unmaintained "Bubba's Brand" VHS player, then it's not the tape's fault. All tapes are store purchased copies - NO Rental or Library copies are offered! Boxes may have minor shelf scuffing, but no major wear. Most tapes haven't been played in 15 to 20 years, but have all been stored in temperature controlled environments.

DVD CONDITION NOTES: "I place no warranty on the DVD(s)" does not mean you are getting stuck with junk. If opened, it means the DVD played perfectly on a well-maintained Toshiba or Sony DVD player. If it doesn't play on an unmaintained "Bubba's Brand" player, then it's not the Discs fault. "Like New" means exactly that. The DVD looks just like it did when the keep case was first opened - no scratches, no fingerprints! Keep cases may or may not have wear, but that is always noted. All DVDs are retail copies - NO Rental or Library copies are offered!

ALIENS: THE COMPLETE TRUTH: 5-DVD Box Set, 2000, Mandacy Entertainment DVD9 9181-1 to -5, Dolby Digital Sound, Color, Region 1, Not Rated, Includes the individual DVDs: Aliens Among Us (46 mins), The Cover Up (52 mins), Alien Interventions (52 mins), Startling New Evidence (54 mins), and We Are Not Alone (54 mins). Special features Suspected Aliens Races and trivia Q&A are on each disc. This boxed set contains over 4 hours of documentary investigation into UFO and extraterrestrial alien cases from around the world, with actual UFO footage, eyewitness testimony, examination of declassified documents obtained through the F.O.I.A., interviews with experts in the field, and much more. Related evidence about government cover-ups, Area 51, Roswell, Crop Circles, and more are also explored. The DVDs were viewed once, play perfectly, and are in like new condition, as are the plastic keep cases, which all include their original title cards. The slipcase housing this collection has some very minor shelf wear on the bottom. I place no warranty on the DVDs. See slipcase front and side  $14

THE BEAMSHIP TRILOGY COLLECTORS EDITION: Set of 3 VHS Videotapes that include The Meier Chronicles, The Movie Footage and The Metal, 1985-87, Intercep, tapes and original white plastic clamshell boxes look new/as issued. This original "collectors edition" set was purchased directly from Wendelle Stevens. It is not one of the awful EP/SLP duped versions offered by other companies under a number of titles that you can find for a few bucks. "Chronicles" is the longest of the tapes at approximately 90 minutes and it covers all aspects, up to the time of release, of the Meier-Pleiadian experience with interviews, photos, 8mm movie footage, and sound recordings. "Movie" is approximately 60 minutes and examines all the 8mm film footage in detail. "Metal" covers Marcel Vogel's analysis of the Pleiadian metal sample and runs approximately 45 minutes. Whether you believe Eduard "Billy" Meier's UFO contact story is true or a hoax, this series is fascinating to watch in its best quality release. If you are a collector, then this is the version to find. I place no warranty on the tapes. See all 3 box covers  All 3 tapes for $59

SIGHTINGS THE UFO ENCYCLOPEDIA CD-ROM: Interactive CD-ROM, Released in 1998 by Simon & Shuster, 0671315056, Windows 3.1/95 compatible in 1998 (will not install on Win10 but I got it to run on an old Win XP computer). CD-ROM is mint - not a mark on it, original jewel case and inserts are NM/As Issued, CD-ROM is a companion piece to the old "Sightings" TV series complete with videos, photographs and some narration by host Tim White. The disc is divided into 4 main sections: UFOs (Myths and Legends, Types of UFOs, Crop Circles, Sightings, Hoaxes, and Other Evidence), Alien Life (Life In The Universe, Abductions, and Mutilations), Government (Cover-Ups, Secret Bases, UFO Documents, Alien Technology), and Databases with an A - Z encyclopedia. There are no guarantees that this software will run on your current system, sold as UFO memorabilia. See cover  $7.50

UFO GOVERNMENT COVER-UP: 2 VHS Videotape Set, "From Beyond" Series, 1996, VHS 3993, Played once - tapes look new/as issued, slipcase box has very minor corner wear and a small depression on one side panel, Dan Dalton Productions, Distributed by Simitar Entertainment, Inc. Tape 1: approximately 56 minutes, Tape 2: approximately 19 minutes, NR. ISBN: 0-82551-39933-8. Tape 1 (Cat. No. 4183) is the UFO Government Cover-Up documentary. Tape 2 (Cat. No. 4166) is the complete, unedited "Alien Autopsy" footage that Ray Santilli was hawking at the time. I place no warranty on the tapes. See box cover  $3.50

UFO INVESTIGATIONS: THE ALIEN FILES EXPOSED: VHS Videotape, 1992/1997, Played once - tape looks new/as issued, slipcase box has very minor corner wear, Reel World Productions, Inc., Distributed by Brentwood Home Video, 7002. Approximately 30 minutes, NR, B&W/Color, Stereo Hi-Fi sound. ISBN: 0-90096-70003-8. UFO documentary with actual UFO footage. I place no warranty on the tape. See box cover  $2

UFO SIGHTINGS PHOTOGRAPHIC EVIDENCE: 2 VHS Videotape Set, "From Beyond" Series, 1996, VHS 3994, Played once - tapes look new/as issued, slipcase box has very minor corner wear, AFS/Dialogue, Distributed by Simitar Entertainment, Inc. Tape 1: approximately 45 minutes, Tape 2: approximately 50:43 minutes, NR, EP Mode. ISBN: 0-82551-39943-7. Tape 1 (Cat. No. 4144) is "From Beyond - UFO Sightings Volume 1." Tape 2 (Cat. No. 4145) is "From Beyond - UFO Sightings Volume 2." Both are UFO documentaries focused on UFO image analysis. I place no warranty on the tapes. See box cover  $3.50

UFO'S ARE REAL: VHS Videotape, 1979, tape issued in 1993, Played once - tape looks new/as issued, slipcase box has very minor corner wear and a side edge bend, A Brandon Chase Film, Group 1 Films, Approximately 93 minutes, Rated G, Color. Directed by Edward Hunt. Stanton Friedman acted as technical consultant. Excellent UFO documentary with UFO footage and many photographs. This is the original, out of production, 1979 film bearing the title "UFO's Are Real" that ends with Wendelle Stevens talking about the Billy Meier case, not the film that came later, took the title and is available on DVD. I place no warranty on the tape. See box cover  $7.50


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