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Here are the newly posted listings on this Web site. They are listed by date added, then in alphabetical order. To see images and price, visit the respective pages where the items are posted and you'll find them with their NEW! bullets. After about a month on this page, the item will be dropped as a "New Listing." Please see the Condition guide for grading codes. To purchase anything, see the How To Order page.



HOT WHEELS CARS - Seven more 1968 Original Sweet 16 releases - on the Toy Collectibles page

JOHNNY LIGHTNING CARS - Four Original Topper releases 1968 - 1971 - on the Toy Collectibles page

WHAM-O GIANT COMICS (Wham-O Manufacturing, April 1967): #1 Coverless, Folded in half, Page 1 roughly 2 1/4 x 1 inch piece missing, Tears, Tape stains; One-Shot, Size 14 x 21 inches, 48 pages, includes artwork by legends Wally Wood and Lou Fine, along with Ernie Colon, Warren Tufts, Ward Kimball, John Stanley, Virgil Patch, and many others. The format is like reading a newspaper. Subject matter is all over the place from super-hero action to funny animal humor. - on the All Other Comics W page


JUNE 23:

FLASH GORDON (Mad Cave Studios, 2024): #0 NM-; Unstamped, First Printing, Prequel to the new series, free comic book day giveaway promo. Flash, Dale, Zarkov, and Ming all in a new series reboot. - on the All Other Comics F page

THE GREAT CARTOON STARS: A WHO'S WHO? by Denis Gifford. Hardback with Dust Jacket, As New-: "£10.00 Net" price sticker on inside dust jacket - no dollar price!, 1979, First Edition, Jupiter Books, SBN: 904041 344, size 8 3/8 x 12 inches, 128 pages plus endpapers, UK import, O/P. This volume is a comprehensive alphabetical list, Animaland to Zimmy, of classic cartoon characters from first three quarters of the 20th Century. Features both "stars" and obscure animated cartoon characters from Disney, Warner Brothers, Fleischer, Terrytoons, MGM, Hanna-Barbera, and more. Both color and B&W images throughout the book. Nice historical overview. - on the Movie and Television Books page

STORIES FROM THE ATLAS COMICS LIBRARY (Fantagraphics, 2024): #1 NM-; Unstamped, First Printing, free comic book day giveaway promo. Classic pre-code silver age reprints from Atlas/Marvel Comics featuring work by Stan Lee, Joe Maneely, Basil Wolverton, Bill Everett, and Gene Colan. Great collection of stories from Fantagraphics upcoming book series. The great irony here is the comic is rated Teen/13+ but back in the fifties any 6 year old could buy the originals. - on the All Other Comics S page

TALES FROM THE BERKELEY-CON Vol. II, #2 (Superb U.C. Berkeley) - Condition VG/F- (NM- copy with a bottom right corner tip bend), published 1974, 50¢ cover price. Promo comic sold at the 1974 Berkeley Comic Book Con, wraparound cover by Rand Holmes, interior packed with artwork by many Underground Comix greats of the period, with one-pagers by Trina Robbins, S. Clay Wilson (2-page centerfold), Kim Deitch, Bill Griffith, Dave Sheridan, Jay Kinney, Jay Lynch, Vaughn Bode, Gil Shelton, Art Spiegelman, Rick Griffin, Robert Williams, Victor Moscoso, Jaxon (Jack Jackson), and others. Ground level and above artwork by John Workman, Lee Marrs, Alex Niño, Alfredo Alcala, Steve Leialoha, Frank Brunner, Howard Chaykin, and Jim Starlin, many of whom started in the Undergrounds. - on the Underground Comix page


JUNE 20:

CIGNA BEAU BRIDGES CELEBRITY TENNIS CLASSIC SIGNED T-SHIRT: Vintage New, Unused/Never Worn, there are a few very small spots on it probably created when the shirt was being signed, from The 1993 Tucson Classics series, white Large T-shirt, Hanes Beefy-T, 100% Cotton, Pre-Shrunk, Made in USA, signatures on the shirt back near the collar area by Basketball Hall of Famer Rick Barry and actors Beau Bridges, Craig Sheffer, and Lorenzo Caccialanza (also football/soccer goalkeeper). Signatures are all clean in black ink. Shirt has been stored away since 1993 in a smoke and pet free environment. - on the Sports Memorabilia and Collectibles page


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