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Comic Book Magazines for sale are listed in alphabetical order by title. Please see the Condition guide for grading codes. To purchase anything, see the How To Order page.

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FANTACO'S CHRONICLES SERIES #5: 1982, VF/NM-, Front cover artwork by John Byrne and back cover by Joe Staton, 64 pages devoted to Spider-Man including analysis of the Steve Ditko years, the John Romita years, Gerry Conway's run as writer, Marv Wolfman and Keith Pollard, the many loves of Peter Parker, Spider-Man animation, Roger Stern interview by Fred Hembeck, John Romita centerfold, excellent appearance index from Amazing Fantasy #15 to Amazing Spider-Man #232, Spectacular Spider-Man #1 to #69, Marvel Team-Up #1 to #120, plus Annuals, Giants and other appearances. Spot illos by Byrne, Hembeck, Steve Leialoha, Michael T. Gilbert, Don Martinec, and others. Great research work. See covers  $6

FANTACO'S CHRONICLES SERIES #5: 1982, F, Contents same as above (2 copies available)  $2.25

FANTACO'S CHRONICLES SERIES #5: 1982, VG, Contents same as above.  $1.25


FANTAGOR PRESENTS BROOD #5: 1983, NM-, Fantagor #5 in the continuity; All Richard Corben artwork in Color (Jeremy Brood 2, written by Jan Strnad) and B&W (Razar the Unhero and Ogre II). See covers  $35


FANTASY & COMIC ART CATALOG #18: Summer 1981, VF/NM, Vintage catalog from Bud Plant, Inc. on high quality semi-gloss paper, William Stout dinosaur front cover art, 66 pages of fantasy & comic art products from 40 years ago. Read about Fan & Pro-Zines that are long out of print, great trip though history and an excellent reference work. The order forms are still bound in the issue! See covers  $12

FANTASY & COMIC ART CATALOG #19: Fall 1982, VF/NM-, Vintage catalog from Bud Plant, Inc. on high quality semi-gloss paper, one of Donald Duck's nephews on the front cover (Carl Barks art?), 66 pages of fantasy & comic art products from almost 40 years ago. Read about Fan & Pro-Zines that are long out of print, great trip though history and an excellent reference work. The order forms are still bound in the issue! See covers  $10


FEM FANTASTIQUE #3: 1978, VF/NM with numerous front cover scuffs, priced as VF-. Published by Paragon, Dick Giordano (Wonder Woman, Phantom Lady, Lady Luck, Cave Girl, Girl From LSD) front cover and Frank Thorne (Red Sonja) back cover artwork, Stories and artwork by Bill Black, Bob Hencey, R.C Harvey; Pin-ups by Alex Toth, Joe Staton, Frank Cirocco, Marc Hempel, Skip Williams, Steve Vance; Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman photo section, Frank Frazetta ghosting Daisy Mae for Al Capp, Cave Girl article with Bob Powell art. The Girl From LSD, Phantom Lady and Lady Luck stories. You must be 18 years of age or older to order this issue. See covers  $35


FLASHBACK - Flashback was an early 1970s series published by DynaPubs Enterprises (TBG) that reprinted rare Golden Age comic books in B&W. Two rarer issues were published all in B&W in 1972, then the series numbering started over with color front covers on cardstock and an upgrade to heavier quality inside white paper. Beside providing classic high priced Golden Age comics to collectors for an affordable price, the big appeal of the series was that you got the whole comic book - including advertisements and text pieces - inside covers and back covers excluded. These are Golden Age comic size and not reduced to modern comic book dimensions! Low print runs make these issues relatively scarce today.

FLASHBACK #2: 1972, NM, Reprints THE HUMAN TORCH #5 from Fall 1941 by Timely Comics. Reprints the famous 60 page battle between the Human Torch and the Sub-Mariner with art by Carl Burgos and Bill Everett, cover by Alex Schomburg. Hitler and Mussolini appear. Please note this edition is from the rarer all black & white two issue run of the series before the color covers were produced. See covers  $48

FLASHBACK #1: November 1973, F-, Reprints DAREDEVIL BATTLES HITLER #1 from July 1941 by Lev Gleason/Funnies, Inc. 64 pages of Daredevil in combat with Hitler and his Nazi hordes, also appearing are Lance Hale, Silver Streak, The Claw, Dickie Dean, Cloud Curtis, and Pirate Prince, Hitler solo story and photo cover. This issue was actually Daredevil #1. See covers  $20

FLASHBACK #2: 1973, NM, Reprints SPECIAL EDITION COMICS #1 from August 1940 by Fawcett Comics. 64 pages of Captain Marvel adventures with art by C. C. Beck. See covers  $45

FLASHBACK #3: 1973, NM-, Reprints U.S.A. COMICS #1 from August 1941 by Timely Comics. 64 pages featuring Mr. Liberty, the only appearance of the Young Avenger, origin of The Whizzer, The Defender, Jack Frost by Stan Lee, and Rockman Underground Secret Agent by Basil Wolverton, plus a Simon & Kirby cover. A Hitler look alike appears in the Mr. Liberty story. See covers  $45

FLASHBACK #4: 1974, NM-, Reprints SPECIAL COMICS #1 from Winter 1941-42 by M. L. J. 64 pages featuring the origin of the Boy Buddies, death of The Comet, origin of The Hangman retold, The Shield and The Wizard also appear. Artwork by Paul Reinman. This issue was actually Hangman #1. See covers  $45

FLASHBACK #5: 1974, VF-, Reprints MILITARY COMICS #1 from August 1941 by Quality Comics. 64 pages featuring the origin and first appearance of Blackhawk! Artwork by Jack Cole, Bob Powell, Tex Blaisdell and Fred Guardineer. Will Eisner cover artwork and script on Blackhawk. See covers  $27

FLASHBACK #6: 1974, NM, Reprints ALL STAR COMICS #4 from March 1941 by DC Comics. 68 pages with The Justice Society appearing in their first book length epic. Artwork by Bernard Baily and Shelly Moldoff. E.E. Hibbard cover art.  See covers  $45


FLUIDE GLACIAL #195: September 1992, NM, 66 page B&W magazine, cartoons and stories in one of France's most popular humor magazines. Front cover and inside artwork by Jean Solé. Back cover by Francis Cold & Philippe Delan. Includes work by Christian Binet, Patrick Moerell, Tronchet (Didier Vasseur), Michel Pichon, Blutch (Christian Hincker), Jean-Pierre Hugot, Léandri, Jean-Michel Thiriet, Édika, Yves Frémion, Joan Tharrats, Bernar (Bernard Boulitreau), and others. All in French. Contains some mature humor and illustrations. (2 copies available) See sample covers  $18


FOOM (Friends Of Ol' Marvel) (Marvel Comics)

FOOM Membership Kit with Issue #1: Spring 1973, No address label on issue. The Complete FOOM Membership Kit as it shipped in 1973: 1) Incredible Hulk envelope with art by Jim Steranko in VG condition, address label removed, top edge slit open; 2) Full color, 22 x 28 inch, NM/M in its original folded state, Marvel Super-Heroes poster by Steranko with Stan Lee intro and his facsimile signature below the artwork; 3) Gold, roughly 2.25 x 3.75 inch, NM/M, Membership Card; 4) Six, roughly 3 x 3 inch, NM/M, FOOM slogan "stickers" (no back adhesive, really just paper squares) on colored paper with art by Jack Kirby, Jim Steranko, Steve Ditko, Gene Colan and John Buscema; 5) Green, 5.5 x 8.5 inch, NM/M, puzzle page with explanation of the kit; and 6) FOOM Magazine Issue #1 VF/NM-, Stan Lee front cover, Spider-Man back cover with Jim Steranko art, Fantastic Four article with checklist, Introduction with artwork by Steranko, Marvel Bullpen bios with photos of Stan Lee, John Buscema, Roy Thomas, Joe Sinnott, and Gerry Conway; Fantastic Four parody strip with Gil Kane and Wally Wood artwork; Marvel News; Artwork by Jack Kirby, Boris Vallejo, Gray Morrow, John Romita, and others. No marks on anything, no pinholes in poster! See kit contents  See #1 covers  All for $395

FOOM #6:  June 1974, VF/NM with address label removed; The Avengers' Jarvis cover, Tigra back cover with Ed Hannigan art, Jarvis interview part 1, Man-God by Roy Thomas, Marvel News; Artwork by Dave Cockrum, Marie Severin, Paul & Alan Kupperberg, Duffy Vohland, Rick Hoberg (as a fan!), and more! See covers  $65

FOOM #11: September 1975, F/VF with address label removed; Jack Kirby issue: Kirby self portrait cover art and centerfold, Kirby interview with photos of Jack, Kirby career appreciation, Star-Lord preview, 1975 Irving Awards listing fan favorites at Marvel, How to Collect Marvel Comics; Artwork by Kirby, John Byrne, Joe Sinnott, Rich Buckler, Don Maitz, Duffy Vohland, Bob Budiansky, Marie Severin, Don Perlin, and more! See covers  $65

FOOM #14: June 1976, NM: uncirculated, no address label; Barbarians issue: Conan and Red Sonja cover by John Buscema, Kull back cover by Severin, Conan article with John Buscema illustrations, Red Sonja and King Kull articles, Roy Thomas interview, Conan/Kull/Red Sonja Checklist, Archie Goodwin interview; Artwork by Barry Smith, Mike Nasser, Dick Giordano, Marshall Rogers, Frank Thorne, John & Marie Severin, and more! See covers  $107


THE FRANK FRAZETTA PORTFOLIO: 1979, Appears NM at first glance but there is a faint upper right corner bend through the issue that becomes more prominent in the second half of the issue. No effect on the artwork. This "Portfolio" is a 52 page, high quality, magazine/book with coated card stock covers that reprints all the B&W plates and slip case artwork for the 1973-1979 Frank Frazetta portfolios: Lord Of The Rings, Kubla Khan, Buck Rogers, Women Of the Ages, Battlestar Galactica, and Edgar Rice Burroughs. It also contains a full color reproduction of the Golden Girl print on the front cover, and a couple other pieces, plus a nice photo of Frank. You must be 18 years of age or older to order this issue. But wait! There's more! If you don't want to read the story below, jump to the last sentence for the bonus you won't find offered anyplace else! See covers  $80

AND NOW, THE STORY: This was a completely pirated bootleg production. I remember ordering this back in late 1979/early 1980. The price was right and it included all the plate artwork from portfolios I didn't own. Time passed and the book didn't show. Just when I thought this was a total rip-off, the "portfolio" arrived in May 1980 (more on how I know this 42 years later). It delivered what it advertised and production quality was excellent for the price. The mailer even had a sharp Frazetta drawing on it! I was quite happy.

I did notice one thing right off the bat that I thought was very odd. The issue, based on the envelope's (I still have it!) May 22, 1980 cancellation, was shipped from San Diego, CA and I sent my check to an address on the east coast (I believe in NY). Also, the printed return address was in Montclair, NJ, which was not where I sent my check. Then, the mystery deepened.

The index had the normal Frazetta copyright and it indicated additional copies could be obtained from Frazetta's East Stroudsburg address. Again, I didn't order this from Frazetta Prints, so why was it listed as the place to get additional copies? The final line on the index page reads: "This edition is dedicated to fans of Frazetta art who cannot afford the outrageous prices of the original portfolios." It's a nice sentiment, but the price was the price on the portfolios. They all sold out quickly upon issue or pre-order, so everyone who bought one must have been happy to part with the bills (and later, the c-notes on the secondary market). The word "outrageous" stuck with me, too. Kubla Khan and Battlestar Galactica were produced by Frazetta Prints. Why would they take a jab at their own pricing structure? Russ Cochran and Middle Earth did the others and they had great working relations with Frazetta. Hmmm...a puzzler.

Then, the stories started to hit fandom in TBG and elsewhere. I guess some folks tried to order more copies from Frazetta Prints and they had no idea what people were talking about. It turns out this book was produced and sold without Frazetta's knowledge or the proper payments made to him and those concerned. Now, it all made sense. I sent a check to the east coast to a company not listed anywhere on the product. The book ships from San Diego with an unfamiliar NJ return address on the envelope. All this slight of hand was done to hide the identity of the pirates. I have no idea if over the years the true publishers of The Frank Frazetta Portfolio were ever identified, but this book-magazine-portfolio certainly has an interesting and checkered history. By the way, when you order this copy, I'll even include the original shipping envelope, which is rarer than rare!


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