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Movie and TV Magazines for sale are listed in alphabetical order by title. Please see the Condition guide for grading codes. To purchase anything, see the How To Order page.

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NEWSWEEK: April 24, 1978, VF+, Woody Allen cover and lengthy inside story with photos, also blurbs on "Charlie's Angels" with the color Cheryl Ladd lingerie poster shot and "America 2Night," plus more news of the day. See covers  $6


NOSTALGIA ILLUSTRATED - Marvel produced this magazine and Stan Lee was publisher. The paper stock used in this magazine varied within the issue.

NOSTALGIA ILLUSTRATED #1: Volume 1, #1, November 1974, VF, The premiere issue! Nicely illustrated articles covering the casting of Scarlett O'Hara in GWTW, Lou Gehrig says farewell to baseball (Babe Ruth photos), Classic Strippers (Sally Rand, Ann Corio, Gypsy Rose Lee, Blaze Starr), Little Orphan Annie & classic comic strips, Franklin D. Roosevelt, James Dean, 1941 Baseball Cards, Vintage Radio & Cereal Premiums, W.C. Fields & Mae West, 1930s-50s Vintage Cars, Elvis, Doc Savage pulps, Jean Harlow (on cover too), Henry Fonda, and more! See covers  $21

NOSTALGIA ILLUSTRATED #2: Volume 1, #2, December 1974, VF-: corner cover chip at top spine, Playing the Palace Theatre written by Ray Bolger, Red Grange, Child Stars (Temple, Gish, Rooney, O'Brien, Wood, Coogan, Pickford, etc.), Airplanes in early comic strips, 1940s Ladies Fashions, Glenn Miller, Movie Theme Songs (classic sheet music shown), Daisy Air Rifles, Jane Russell in "The Outlaw," Swashbucklers (Errol Flynn), Calendar Pin-ups, Christmas 1927 in the Sears Roebuck catalogue, old Greeting Cards, Bette Davis, Studebakers, and more! See covers  $12

NOSTALGIA ILLUSTRATED #3: Volume 2, #1, January 1975, NM-, The Barnum & Bailey Circus, early Tennis, 1950s & 1960s Gum Cards, Betty Bonnet's 1918 paper dolls, Movie Musicals (Busby Berkeley), Women in comic strips, early Banned Films, Channing Clark, Eubie Blake, 1950s Dances, Big Screen Lovers (Fairbanks, Barrymore, Valentino), Betty Grable (on cover too), Will Rogers, and more! See covers  $28

NOSTALGIA ILLUSTRATED #4: Volume 2, #2, February 1975, F/VF, Clark Gable and the women in his life, Douglas "Wrongway" Corrigan, Esther Williams, How to Dress like a Flapper, Old Valentines, The Beatles 1964, Vintage Railway Trains, Women Athletes (Gertrude Ederle, Sonja Henie, Helen Wills), The Dionne Quintuplets, Johnson Smith Novelties, Darla Hood (Our Gang), Little Nemo by Winsor McCay, Humphrey Bogart (on cover too), 1920s Luxury Cars, and more! See covers  $10

NOSTALGIA ILLUSTRATED #5: Volume 2, #3, March 1975, NM, 1930s-40s Female Singers (Andrew Sisters), Marbles, Hopalong Cassidy/William Boyd, Joan Crawford, Sports Cartoon Strips, Pete Smith Specialties, Lydia Pinkham, Mickey Mouse, Sixties Pop Art (Andy Warhol), Hank Williams, Classic Automobiles drawn by Robert Crumb, Screen Sirens (Bara, Swanson, Harlow, Bow), Johnny Weissmuller, Judy Garland (on cover as Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz), and more! See covers  $35

NOSTALGIA ILLUSTRATED #6: Volume 2, #4, April 1975, NM- copy with bottom left corner ding, priced as VG/F, Mae West (on cover too), 5 Ways to Beat Prohibition, WWII Years, Joe DiMaggio, Krazy Kat (George Herriman art), Al Jolson, vintage Easter fashions, 1920s Motorcycles, Willie Dixon, Serial Cowboys (Tom Mix, Buck Jones, Hoot Gibson, etc.), Nancy Drew Mysteries, Vending Machines, Dashiell Hammett, Ava Gardner, and more! See covers  $7.50

NOSTALGIA ILLUSTRATED #7: Volume 2, #5, May 1975, VF/NM, Cecil B. DeMille by Leonard Maltin, Bobby Thompson and his 1951 homer, Ann Miller, Film Comedians (Chaplin, Lloyd, Laurel & Hardy (on cover too), Marx Bros., Keaton, etc.), Naughty French Postcards, Flash Gordon on TV, Mickey Jelke, Life Magazine, Mickey Spillane/Mike Hammer, Cowboys in the comic strips, history of Monopoly, 1930s Gum Cards, Gary Cooper, and more! See covers  $20

NOSTALGIA ILLUSTRATED #8: Volume 2, #6, June 1975, VF, Marilyn Monroe (on cover too), John Garfield, Gershwin's Rhapsody In Blue, Street Games, Johnny Roventini - Call for Philip Morris!, Silver Screen Sirens (Pickford, Gish, Talmadge, Bow, West, Grable, etc.), Art Deco, Harry Houdini, Freedom 7 - First American Men in Space, Snow White, Burton K. Wheeler, and more! See covers  $12.50

NOSTALGIA ILLUSTRATED #9: Volume 2, #7, July 1975, VF-, First Issue with Interior Color, Marlon Brandon (on cover too), Fireworks ads, Movie Posters, Golden Days of Radio (Edgar Bergen, Jack Benny, etc.), Fay Wray, Trial of Fatty Arbuckle, Making of The Marx Brothers' "Cocoanuts," Jack Johnson, Charlie Chan, Teresa Brewer, Leonard Maltin picks his favorite cartoons, Jeffrey Hunter, Wurlitzer jukeboxes, and more! See covers  $12

NOSTALGIA ILLUSTRATED #10: Volume 2, #8, August 1975, VF/NM-, Last Issue, Interior Color, Ronald Reagan on cover, Judy Garland/Meet Me In St. Louis (on cover too), 1959, Eastman Kodak, Fanny Brice, Antique Toys, Architect Stanford White, Sugar Ray Robinson, Katherine Hepburn, Bud Abbott & Lou Costello, Songs about Trains, Soap Opera Comic Strips, Lana Turner, and more! See covers  $19


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