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Non-Sport Trading Cards, Stickers, Wax Packs, Wax Boxes, Wrappers, and POGs for sale are listed in alphabetical order. Unopened/Factory Sealed Sets, Boxes or Packs are sold as "implied mint." There is no way to know what condition a card will be in until you break the seal, or open the box or pack. "Average" condition for a lot or set means the majority of the cards in the lot or set are in the condition stated, with some cards being worse and some better. Please see the Condition guide for grading codes. To purchase anything, see the How To Order page.

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THE ADVENTURES OF BATMAN & ROBIN SEALED WAX PACK BOX: 1995, Skybox, Factory Sealed Box (For Box Sales Only Edition) - contains 18 packs, 4 trading cards plus 1 coloring card per pack. There are 90 cards in a set plus chase C1-C9 coloring cards. Scenes taken directly from the animation artwork for the TV series. Gorgeous cards! No Wal-Mart stickers or seal defacement on the box. See box  $16

THE ADVENTURES OF BATMAN & ROBIN WAX PACK BOX: 1995, Skybox, Empty Wax Pack Box (For Box Sales Only Edition) in Ex/NM condition, box not flattened. Scenes taken directly from the animation artwork for the TV series on the lid. See box lid  $6

THE ADVENTURES OF BATMAN & ROBIN WAX PACK: 1995, Skybox, Unopened Pack, 5 cards per pack, 4 color and one B&W cards with images from the cartoon TV series (15 packs available) See sample pack  $1

THE ADVENTURES OF BATMAN & ROBIN TRADING CARDS LOT: 1995, Skybox, Lot of 57 different plus 19 doubles, average NM, includes 2, 5, 8-11, 13, 15, 16, 18-21, 23, 25, 27, 30, 31, 33-36, 40, 41, 44, 46-48, 51-53, 55-58, 60-66, 69, 71, 75-77, 79-82, 85-90. Plus, I'll toss in 5 wrappers. Gorgeous cards with scenes taken directly from the animation artwork for the TV series. See sample cards  All 76 cards with wrappers for $10

THE ADVENTURES OF BATMAN & ROBIN CHASE CARDS: 1995, Skybox, C1-C9 subset chase coloring card singles, NM-M, images from the cartoon TV series.
C-1: BATMAN See card - $1
C-3: THE JOKER (2 available) See sample card - $1
C-5: TWO-FACE (3 available) - $1
C-6: CATWOMAN See card - $1
C-7: THE RIDDLER (2 available) - $1
C-8: BATPLANE (2 available) - $1
C-9: THE BATMOBILE See card - $1

THE ADVENTURES OF BATMAN & ROBIN CHASE CARDS LOT OF 6: 1995, Skybox, C3 Joker (2), C5 Two-Face (2), C8 Batplane, and C9 Batmobile subset chase coloring card singles, NM cards with 1 or 2 touched corners or a faint production crimp keeping them out of NM grade/price, images from the cartoon TV series. Actually color them! All 6 for only $2


ALIAS COLLECTED REMIXES STICKER: "Alias Collected Remixes" Promotional Sticker, NM with what appears to be a small fiber printed into the black vinyl, April 2007, size 4 x 4 inches, B&W with red front and B&W back, Anticon Records promo. Sticker back has promotional text for the album with a May 15th ship date. See sticker  $1


AMERICAN BANDSTAND SEALED WAX PACK BOX: 1993, Collect-a-card, Factory Sealed Box, 36 packs included, 8 cards per pack, 100 cards in a set. Classic photos of musicians from the 1950s to 1970s. Randomly inserted autograph cards by Jerry Lee Lewis, Smokey Robinson, and Dick Clark. This series is a must have item for Rock & Pop fans! There's too many Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Famers to mention. See box  Boxes retailed at $35. My price only $25

AMERICAN BANDSTAND TRADING CARD LOT: 1993, Collect-a-card, Lot of 82 cards, 74 different and 8 doubles, Average NM, plus a card wrapper. Includes card numbers 1-18, 34-43, 45-54, 56, 57, 59-76, 78, 79, 81-93, 95 featuring stars like Buddy Holly, Jerry Lee Lewis, Jim Croce, Bo Diddley, Otis Redding, James Brown, Chubby Checker, Bobby Darin, and too many more to mention. Great selection of Pop Stars from the 1950s to 1970s. See 2 sample cards and wrapper  $9.50


AMERICAN WILDLIFE HERITAGE CARDS: 1986, Rugby Laboratories, Inc, Average Ex/M to NM, Lot of 11 different cards from the Series 8, twelve card set. 2.5 x 3.75 inch full color painted images of birds with detailed text on the back. Includes Blue Grosbeak, Western Bluebird, Vermillion Flycatcher, Rufous Hummingbird, Cliff Swallow, Common Redpoll, Northern Parula, Yellow-Breasted Chat, Steller's Jay, Summer Tanager, and Varied Thrush. Images are painted by leading wildlife artists Bruce Morrison, Rockne Knuth, John Felsing Jr., Sutton Finch, Heather Bartmann, and David Mohrhardt. Nice set for bird watchers. See 4 sample cards  Lot of 11 for $5.50


THE ANDY GRIFFITH SHOW WAX PACK BOX: 1990, Pacific, Series 1, Unopened Box, 36 packs with 10 cards per pack. 110 cards make up a set. Andy, Barney, Goober, Opie, and Aunt Bea are all here! Many rare full color photos along with classic B&W shots of Andy, Don Knotts and Ron Howard. (2 available) See box  $45

THE ANDY GRIFFITH SHOW WAX PACK BOX: 1991, Pacific, Series 2, Unopened Box, 36 packs with 10 cards per pack. 110 cards make up a set. More classic moments from a timeless TV series with rare cast member photos. Many full color photos along with classic B&W shots of Andy, Don Knotts and Ron Howard. See box  $35


ANIMANIACS STICKER MADNESS: 1995, Cracker Jack's Sticker Premium, NM: out of the wrapper but not opened!, size roughly 1.25 x 1.75 inches, #19 of 24, unopened so I can't describe the sticker piece. See sticker  $1.50


APOLLO 15 SPACE PROGRAM "SILK" CLOTH STICKERS: Rare 1971 set of 6 different, five roughly 2.5 x 3 inches and one 3 3/8 x 4 3/8 inches, "silk" cloth stickers, Ex to Ex/M condition. All sets were manufactured with edge cuts not perfectly square and a line is apparent where the backing paper is to be separated from the cloth sticker. Obtained at Cape Kennedy. The smaller "silk" cloth stickers depict launch, moon landing, lunar rover on the moon, lunar liftoff, and splashdown. The large one shows the Apollo 15 crew James B. Irwin, David R. Scott and Alfred M. Worden in the lunar rover with the LEM in the background. Scott and Irwin walked the lunar surface while Worden orbited the moon. (2 sets available). See sample set  Set of 6 for $30


APOLLO SPACE PROGRAM PATCH STICKER SHEET: Ex/M, 8.5 x 11 inch sheet of 12 stickers that depict the patches for the Apollo Space Program and Flights 7 - 17. The back of the sheet gives details of each flight. Issued in mid-1972 as a promotional item by RCA. Flight 17 is listed as "Scheduled." Rare item. (2 available) See sheet  $25


ARMAGEDDON 2001 CHECKLIST CARDS: 1991, Lot of nine (9) identical DC Comics Promo Cards, NM, Waverider on the front and the Armageddon series checklist on the back. See sample card  All 9 for $6


AUTO STICKERS: 1970, Topps, Lot of 13 different stickers, these are the original stickers inserted into the Topps Way-Out Wheels card packs. They have white backs and no stars printed by the logo. These stickers are normal card size with 16 smaller stickers on them and the Topps Auto Stickers header. Lot includes stickers #4 G+ / #6, 14, 19 G/VG / #9, 20 VG/Ex / #8, 18  Ex-Ex+ / #10, 17 Ex/M / #13, 22A, 22B NM (two variations of 22). Grading is based entirely on centering and cut (slight diamond vs. square) as ALL have sharps sides and corners. Good starter set that includes both of the rarer #22 variations. Scan posted is a #4 and #22, so you can see examples of the "worst" and "best" stickers. See 2 sample stickers  $74


THE AVENGERS PRIORITY IDENTICARDS: Lot of two, 1987, Marvel Comics Promo Card, NM, Solo Avengers featuring Hawkeye promo on back. See card  Both for $10


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