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UFO / Flying Saucer Magazines for sale are listed in alphabetical order by title. Please see the Condition guide for grading codes. To purchase anything, see the How To Order page.

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ANCIENT ASTRONAUTS Volume 1, #2: March 1976, VF+, 64 pages, UFOs, ancient astronaut theories, Stonehenge, Nepal, Carl Jung, Will Jima deciphers 666 and the book of Revelations, the Great Pyramid of Egypt, cataclysms, book reviews, and more from the publishers of "Official UFO." See covers  $12


OFFICIAL UFO Volume 1, #1: May 1975, VF, First issue! Loaded with great photos, many US sightings examined, History of Contemporary UFOlogy, Paul Trent photos - uncropped!, the first UFOnauts, the race to make contact, UFO crashes, and much more! See covers  $15

OFFICIAL UFO Volume 1, #3: October 1975, VG/F, Loaded with great photos, Photo analysis of the complete Rudolph Nagora sequence, UFOs over Europe, Freeport LI sighting, UFOs on movie film by Kevin Randle, UFOs behind the Iron Curtain, 1948 Crash Hoax, and much more! See covers  $5

OFFICIAL UFO Volume 1, #4: November 1975, F/VF+, Loaded with great photos, 1975 North Carolina UFO wave, Delphos Landing Case Part 1, Philip Klass refutes UFOs, Alberton Spacecraft film footage, 1966 Montauk flap, CUFOS, Bell-shaped UFOs analyzed by Wendelle Stevens, Denmark UFO photos, articles by Kevin Randle and Jim Lorenzen, and much more! See covers  $7

OFFICIAL UFO Volume 1, #5: January 1976, VF/NM, Loaded with great photos, 1972-73 Indiana sightings, Declassified CIA report, 1957 Levelland sightings, APRO's history, UFO Crash of 1897, Nuremberg sighting in 1561, Delphos Landing Case Part 2, photo analysis by Wendelle Stevens, and much more! See covers  $12

OFFICIAL UFO Volume 1, #6: February 1976, VF, Misdated inside as 1975; Loaded with great photos, Diaz Abduction in Argentina, 1971 Quebec sightings, Capt. Mantell Crash examined, MUFON, Cattle mutilations, Flying Cross over England, photo analysis by Wendelle Stevens, and much more! See covers  $8.50

OFFICIAL UFO Volume 1, #7: April 1976, F/VF, Loaded with great photos, UFO trace evidence, Tulsa OK UFO photo analysis, 1973 Pennsylvania sightings, Crashed UFOs, NICAP, Flight 239, George Friedrich, Wilhelm Reich's Tucson UFO encounters, photo analysis by Wendelle Stevens, and much more! See covers  $7


OMNI #1: October 1978, NM- with 1 inch scuff below left logo "O", priced as VF/NM, The premiere issue including UFO updates, a Robots pictorial with text by Harry Harrison, Roman Vishniac, Freeman Dyson interview, the Shroud of Turin, fiction by Isaac Asimov, Theodore Sturgeon, Ron Goulart, and James B. Hall, H.R. Giger painting, and many other features! See covers  $35


SAGA'S 1975 UFO ANNUAL Volume 1, #1: 1975, VF/NM-, 96 pages; loaded with great photos, Pascagoula UFO Kidnapping, Mitchel AFB landing, Warminster sightings, Blount Island, 1913 Phantom Airships, Japan's Man-Dog Mystery, UFOs and Bigfoot, Air Force cover-ups, and much more! See covers  $11


SAGA UFO REPORT Volume 5, #3: January 1978, VF/NM-, 80 pages of UFOs, Patterson Bigfoot footage analyzed, Betty Hill interview, "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" preview, The Great Lakes Triangle explored, the psychic force of evil, Douglas MacArthur, the Cayce School for Psychics, Skyquakes and UFOs, and more! See covers  $11


UFO Tattler Special Classified Investigation On...: Winter 1975, Tabloid, VF with slight page edge tanning; color covers, 20 newspaper size pages of UFO photos and articles including 1959 Diamond Head saucer, 1973 Pascagula abduction, Major Donald Keyhoe interview, European sightings, Elizabeth Klarer Fielding, air force cover-ups, Carlos Antonio de los Santos Montiel plane incident, 1952 Giampiero Monguzzi UFO landing photo, cattle mutilations, and more. See covers  $8.50


UFO UNIVERSE Volume 1, #6: Winter 1991, NM, 64 pages of UFOs photos and reports, Jim Nichols cover art, Roswell update, Alien symbols and codes, abductions, color and B&W alien photos, Cambodian and Russian contacts, Paul Bennewitz, and much more! See covers  $10


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