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All covers and stamps come in glassine envelopes, crystal mount or are bagged for protection. Please see the Condition guide for grading codes. To purchase anything, see the How To Order page.

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Blocks of 4 with Plate Numbers attached listed here are not true plate blocks. In all cases, a number greater than four constituted a true plate block for the stamp. Plate Blocks are listed on their own page. All stamps come in glassines for protection. Listed by Year, Scott Catalog Number, Face Value, Stamp Name, and any other information.


Scott #J79, 1/2˘ Postage Due, Block of 4, VF/NH.  $1


Scott #1279, 1 1/4˘ Albert Gallatin, Block of 4, XF/NH.  $2


Scott #1384, 6˘ Christmas, “A Winter Sunday,” Block of 4 with plate numbers attached including “Use Zip Code” and “Mail Early,” S/NH.  $1.50


Scott #1415a-1418a, 6˘ Pre-cancelled Christmas Toys, Block of 4 with plate numbers attached, XF/NH, gum touched in bottom right stamp.  $3




All stamps come in glassines for protection. Listed by Year, Scott Catalog Number, Face Value, Stamp Name, and type of stamps.


Scott #QI2, 20˘ Fee, Domestic Vended Postal Insurance Stamp Complete Booklet, stamp and record card inside booklet, Mr. Zip on back cover. See front and back  $4.50


Scott #1278b, 1˘ Thomas Jefferson, Booklet Pane of 4 with “Use Zip Code” and “Mail Early In The Day” stamps, F-VF/NH.  $1

Scott #1280c, 2˘ Frank Lloyd Wright, Booklet Pane of 6, VF/NH.  $1

Scott #BKC22 Airmail Combination Booklet with two (2) Scott #C78a, 11˘ Jet Airliner Airmail Stamp Booklet Panes of 4 with “Use Zip Code” and “Mail Early In The Day” stamps, plus one (1) Scott #1280c, 2˘ Frank Lloyd Wright, Booklet Pane of 6. Mr. Zip on back cover. See front and back  $4.50


Scott #1395d, 8˘ Dwight D. Eisenhower, Booklet Pane of 7 with “Use Zip Code” as the 8th stamp, VF/NH.  $1.75


Scott #1510b, 10˘ Jefferson Memorial, Booklet Pane of 5 with “Paying Bills?’ as the 6th stamp, Average/NH.  $1.50


Complete Set of 5 Looney Tunes Large Panes with the Single Stamp (pane of 9 not included), Scott #3137 Bugs Bunny 32˘, #3204 Sylvester and Tweety 32˘, #3306 Daffy Duck 33˘, #3391 Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote 33˘, and #3534 Porky Pig - "That's All Folks!" 34˘, All NM, size roughly 3.5 x 5 1/8 inches, fun set for stamp collectors, WB fans or Animaniacs. (2 sets available) See set  All 5 for $6




All stamps come in glassines or crystal mount for protection. Listed by Year, Scott Catalog Number, Face Value, Stamp Name, and type of stamps.


Scott #1059a, 25˘ Paul Revere, Liberty Series, Coil Pair of 2, VG/NH, top 3 and bottom 4 perforations are split, only the central perfs hold the pair together. See coil pair  $1


Scott #1299, 1˘ Thomas Jefferson, , Prominent Americans Series, Coil Line Pair of 2, plus Coil Pair of 2 and Coil Strip of 3, All VF or better, NH. See all 3 coils  All 3 for $1

Scott #1304, 5˘ George Washington, Prominent Americans Series, Coil Pair of 2, F-VF/NH. See coil pair  $1


Scott #1518, 6.3˘ Liberty Bell, Coil Pair of 2, XF/NH. This is the first fractional U.S. coil stamp to be produced. (4 available) See coil pair  $1


Scott #1616, 9˘ Capitol Building Dome, Right of People Peaceably to Assemble, Coil Line Pair Error with Partial Plate Numbers exposed from the printing selvage, NH. See coil pair  $10


Scott #1743, "A" Eagle (15˘ denomination), Coil Strip of 5, S/NH. This was the first of the non-denomination alphabetic rate change stamps. See coil strip  $3

Scott #1743, "A" Eagle (15˘ denomination), Coil Strip of 5, F/NH. This was the first of the non-denomination alphabetic rate change stamps. See coil strip  $2




Scott CSA #6, 5˘ Jefferson Davis, 1862 Civil War Stamp, Fine, Unused, Hinged, even trim. See front and back  $16



FIRST FLIGHT FOREIGN AIR MAIL: St. Thomas U.S. Virgin Islands to San Pedro de Macoris Nuevitas Dominican Republic (F.A.M. Route 6) ending in New York City, originating postmark "St. Thomas, DEC 5 1931", Route 6 end: December 6, 1931 (faint round date on back "DIC 6 31 Republica Dominicana"), final arrival receiving cancellation round date on back "New York, N.Y. DEC 14 1931" with General Delivery stamp "N.Y.-G.D. DEC 14 1931 No. 3." Postage stamps are two #C12 1930 5˘ Winged Globes. Cover is sealed. See cover front and back  $14




1971 IN COMMEMORATION OF THE INAUGURATION OF THE UNITED STATES POSTAL SERVICE: Joint issue in July 1971 by the U.S. Post Office and The Franklin Mint, this philatelic and numismatic Limited Edition combination includes a .925 Sterling Silver, Uncirculated, Proof Medal, 1.5 inches in diameter, the obverse features Benjamin Franklin and Winton M. Blount and the reverse bears the seals of the U.S. Post Office Department and the U.S. Postal Service with the signatures of the two men on the obverse. On either side of this round are two U.S. postage stamps, Scott #1352 Grand Union Flag 6˘ stamp with a June 30, 1971 Philadelphia, PA hand-cancellation and Scott #1338F Flag 8˘ stamp with a July 1, 1971 Washington, DC hand-cancellation to commemorate the inauguration of the USPS on July 1, 1971. Both stamps and medal are encased in plastic and mounted on a cardboard insert. This insert slides into an embossed 9 3/4 x 4 5/8 inch sleeve that folds open for display purposes. The back of the sleeve is die-cut to allow viewing of the medal's reverse. Condition is as issued, comes with a descriptive booklet, letter from the Joint Postal Commemorative Committee and even the original cardboard mailer. See medal/stamps  See medal closup/booklet  $31

1975 TUPEX CACHET COVERS: Set of two Official Commemorative Envelopes celebrating Tucson's Bicentennial. Both dated August 20, 1975 with a special TUPEX (Tucson Philatelic Exhibition) cancellation, NM condition. The first cover is a color drawing, signed by the artist Johnny Bain, of Col. Don Hugo Oconor designating the site for Tucson. The second one is a color diorama by Cal N. Peters of the Presidio in 1823. Both cachet images extend the full length of the envelopes. Both stamps are the Scott #1509 10˘ Crossed 50- & 13-Star Flags. (2 sets available)  See both covers  Set of 2 covers for $13

Also available: Unsigned set of TUPEX CACHET COVERS, same as above but the Johnny Bain cover is not signed. (2 sets available)  $8

1981 RONALD REAGAN INAUGURATION DAY CACHET COVER with Inauguration Day cancellation dated January 20, 1981. Envelope size 4 x 9 inches, clear plastic address pane opening, B&W cachet portrait of Reagan with 40th President text below it. Staining along bottom of envelope caused by interior pane glue, clearly visible in scan, 3/4 inch rip in back flap. Stamp is 15-cent Architecture commemorative. See envelope  $2





Scott #U536, Embossed Stamped Envelope, Unused/NM but pre-addressed/return addressed to the W.A. Hulse Company in Warwick, NY. Pre-address area is covered with a “To” sticker. 4˘ Benjamin Franklin embossed stamp.  $1


Scott #UC36, Embossed Stamped Air Mail Envelope, Unused with some mild tanning in the top third of the envelope, 8˘ Red Jet Airliner embossed air mail stamp. See cover  $1


Scott #UX64, Post Card, Mint Unused, Pre-printed 6˘ John Hanson Revolutionary War Patriot stamp.  $1

Scott #U565, Pre-Stamped Envelope, Mint Unused, Pre-printed 8˘ Transpo 72 stamp, First U.S. International Transportation Exposition cover. See cover  $1





HOTEL ARGONNE LIMA, OHIO POST CARD: VG: some cancellation marks on front, Postmarked June 11, 1924, Lima, Ohio, 1˘ George Washington stamp, size approximately 3.5 x 5.5 inches, colorized, shows the hotel with a vintage automobile in front. The Argonne was built in 1919, so it was only 5 years old when this post card was mailed. It still stands and is now listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Has writing and address in ink. Over 95 years old! See card  $7


DOMINION BANK TORONTO POST CARD: VG, Postmarked July 27, 1926, Toronto, Ontario, 2˘ King George V stamp with "Canadian National Exhibition Toronto" cancellation, size 3.5 x 5.5 inches, colorized photo, shows the historic bank building which sure doesn't look like this today as TD Bank! Has writing and address in ink. Over 90 years old! See card  $6

WARREN, PA. SOUVENIR FOLDER: VG+, Postmarked August 6, 1926, Warren, PA, 2˘ George Washington stamp, size approximately 4.25 x 6.25 inches, contains 9 double-sided accordion fold-out post cards with 18 images of "famous" sites around Warren, Pennsylvania like the High School, Public Library, Country Club, Parks, Bridges, and vintage automobiles. Old process colorized artist renderings over B&W photos, inside there is a brief history of Warren and a map with its proximity to New York. Aunt Vida has written a few lines on the inside flap. Over 90 years old! See folder  $9


J. C. DONNELL MEMORIAL STADIUM, FINDLAY, OHIO POST CARD: Ex+, Postmarked September 11, 1931, Findlay, Ohio, 2˘ George Washington stamp with bi-plane "Air Mail Saves Time" cancellation, size 3.5 x 5.5 inches, colorized photo, shows the stadium which is still in use today! Has writing and address in pencil. See card  $5


CHICAGO WORLD'S FAIR 1933-34 POST CARDS: Lot of 3, all excellent condition, mailed, includes: Looking South Over The Grounds (Color, Linen, 36A3) bears the desirable "Century of Progress - Chicago World's Fair" cancellation dated September 16, 1934, 1 cent Fort Dearborn Century of Progress stamp; Havoline Thermometer with the Texaco Fire-Chief and NRA overprints on reverse (Color, Litho) September 4, 1933 cancellation, 1 cent Franklin stamp; and Upper Court - Hall of Science (B&W Photo, 232 Century of Progress Official Post Card) October 22, 1934 cancellation, 1 cent Yosemite stamp. See card 1  See card 2  See card 3  All 3 for $20


ATLANTIC CITY STEEL PIER POST CARD: Ex-, Postmarked August 21, 1934, Philadelphia, PA, 1˘ Ben Franklin stamp, size approximately 3.5 x 5.5 inches, Linen, colorized artwork, printed by Curt Teich & Co., aerial view of the Atlantic City, New Jersey steel pier at night. Has writing and address in ink. See card  $6


ST. JOHNSBURY, VERMONT POST CARD: Ex+, Postmarked August 21, 1938, 1˘ George Washington stamp, size approximately 3.5 x 5.5 inches, colorized, linen finish, shows a landscape of the Central Range of the Green Mountains North of St. Johnsbury, VT, No. 25 from the Scenic Vermont Series. Has writing and address in ink. See card  $5


HOTEL WELLINGTON NEW YORK CITY POST CARD: G+: front stained, Postmarked April 2, 1940, NYC, NY, 1.5˘ Martha Washington stamp with "Buy U.S. Savings Bonds Ask your Postmaster" cancellation, size 3.5 x 5 3/8 inches, colorized, shows the historic hotel which is still in operation! Has writing and address in ink. See card  $3




Unless noted, all stamps in this section are VF or better, Never Hinged with Original Gum. Listed by Year, Scott Catalog Number, Face Value, Stamp Name, Number on Full Sheet, and any Stamp Variations.


Scott #C76, 10˘ First Man On The Moon, Sheet of 40. Sheet too large for scanner, so shown shifted left and right for complete image. See sheet  $8.50


Scott #1489-1498, 8˘ Postal People, Sheet of 50 with 10 different stamps. (2 available) See sample sheet  $8.75


Scott #1569-1570, 10˘ Apollo-Soyuz Space Project, Sheet of 24 with 2 different stamps. Space artwork by Robert McCall. See sheet  $6.50

Scott #1569-1570, 10˘ Apollo-Soyuz Space Project, Sheet of 24 with 2 different stamps, this sheet was folded along the center perforations in 1975, but has been stored flat since then. Space artwork by Robert McCall. See sheet  $5


Scott #1633-1682, 13˘ American Bicentennial State Flags, Sheet of 50 with 50 different stamps. (2 available) See sample sheet  $12


Scott #1735, "A" Eagle (15˘ denomination), Sheet of 100. This was the first of the non-denomination alphabetic rate change stamps. Sheet too large for scanner, so shown shifted left and right for complete image. See sheet  $18




Listed by Scott Catalog Number, Year, Sheet Name, Face Value, Stamp Name, Condition, and any Stamp Variations.

Scott #778, 1936, TIPEX, four 3˘ stamps, Connecticut Tercentenary, CPI Exposition, Michigan Centenary, and The Alamo, NM, NH. See sheet  $1.50

Scott #797, 1937, 43rd Annual Convention of the Society of Philatelic Americans, 10˘ Great Smokey Mountains stamp, NM, NH. See sheet  $1.50

Scott #1075, 1956, FIPEX, 3˘ & 8˘ Statue of Liberty stamps, NM, LH. See sheet  $1

Scott UNNY #145, 1965, United Nations 20th Anniversary, 5˘ & 10˘ Co-operation Year 1965 stamps, Mint, NH. See sheet  $1.50





Scott #C39, 6˘ DC-4 Skymaster, cancelled attached horizontal pair, on 3 5/8 x 3 1/4 cut Air Mail envelope square, dated January 2, 1952, Fairchild, Wash., small rip in envelope over the left stamp. See stamps  $1


Scott #1371, 6˘ Apollo 8, attached pair with plate number, gum missing from the very top border width of top stamp, bottom stamp is VF/NH.  See pair  $1




Scott #R519, 25˘ Documentary Internal Revenue Stamp, S. D. Ingham, 1949 Series Overprint, VG, cancellation "CANCEL P.T. & T. Co." clipped on envelope square. See stamp  $1

Scott #R525, $3 Documentary Internal Revenue Stamp, W. Forward, 1949 Series Overprint, F, cancellation "CANCEL P.T. & T. Co." clipped on envelope square. See stamp  $5

Scott #R527, $5 Documentary Internal Revenue Stamp, G. M. Bibb, 1949 Series Overprint, F-VF, cancellation "CANCEL P.T. & T. Co." sheet edge/no bottom perf., bend vertical length of stamp. See stamp  $2.75


Scott #s R664, R670, R676 and R678, 50˘, $2, $5, and $20 Documentary Internal Revenue Stamps, 1954 Series, No Overprints, all marked "Cancelled." All four are affixed to a Deed with earliest date July 28, 1961 and recorded on October 9, 1961 in Pima County, Arizona. Some $5 stamp overlap on the $20. Deed, size 8 1/2 x 14 inches, was folded in quarters at some point, but was stored folded in half, notary seal stamped twice on the bottom section. Top of Deed contains Pima County Recorder information with stamped seal. Nice looking complete original document with affixed stamps. Documentary stamps were used to show tax was paid on transactions documented on paper. For privacy, the deed names are redacted in the posted scan only. See partial deed and stamps  $35




Listed by Year Issued.

1940 US INTERNAL REVENUE 1 PACK PLAYING CARDS STAMP with U.S. P.C. Co. OVERPRINT: Scott #RF29, Rotary Press Coil Stamp that was in use from 1940 to 1965, stamp is still on the sealed pack of playing cards, cards are sealed with the old style wax paper wrapper, an approximately one half inch tear is on the pack edge. Card back design is a green and white house with a brown flower overlay made by the United States Playing Card Company in Cincinnati, Ohio. A reliable way to date decks made by the USPCC is the dating code printed on the ace of spades at the time it was manufactured. Since this pack is still sealed, it's not possible to do that. It is believed that this pack comes from the 1950s, but that is simply a best guess based on the other items it was found with. Nice item for either a stamp or vintage playing card collector. See pack  $25

1942-45 MY VICTORY BOOK SAVINGS STAMP ALBUM for the Purchase of United States War Savings Bonds, distributed in 1942-45, VF/NM+ condition, empty, roughly 3 x 6.25 inches folded that opens to 12 x 12.5 inches. These were distributed to buyers of Saving Stamps to be filled with 187 ten cent stamps and used toward the purchase Series E War Bonds. The red, white and blue album/booklet is filled with military imagery, planes, ships, tanks, trucks, guns, etc. See covers  See inside first flap  $20

1954 UNITED STATES SAVINGS STAMPS SHEET: Scott #S1, Sheet of 100 Red “Minuteman” Savings stamps, issued in 1954. Unfortunately, the right margin where the plate number would appear has been removed (see image - scan is a bit tight on the right but all perfs are there), but fortunately the sheet condition is still VF or better, Never Hinged, Original Gum. The United States Savings stamps program was created in 1954 to encourage savings and thrift among American schoolchildren. Stamps were issued in denominations of 10˘, 25˘, 50˘, $1, and $5. The “Minuteman” Savings stamps were accompanied by albums and other materials that appealed to the spirit of patriotism. U.S. Savings stamps were purchased by school administrators at local post offices and resold to students. An album containing $18.70 in Savings stamps could be exchanged for a $25 U.S. Savings Bond. (2 available) See sheet  $60

1954 UNITED STATES SAVINGS STAMPS BLOCK OF 9: Scott #S1, Block of 9, Red “Minuteman” Savings stamps, issued in 1954, F-VF, NH, top left corner stamp has a corner bend for 3 perfs. See block  $4.50

1954 UNITED STATES SAVINGS STAMPS LOT OF 15: Scott #S1, Lot of 15 stamps, two are attached as a pair and the rest are singles, Red “Minuteman” Savings stamps, issued in 1954, condition varies from VG to XF, all NH but some with bad gum. See stamps  All 15 for $7

1962 UNITED STATES SAVINGS STAMP OFFICIAL ALBUM: SBD-551-62 Rev., VG condition, has one Scott #S1 stamp inside, Minuteman on the cover, slogans such as "Save For College With Savings Bonds" and "Grow With America With U.S. Savings Bonds" are contained on the internal pages, the album contains space for $18.70 in Savings stamps that could be exchanged for a $25 U.S. Savings Bond. Ah, the good ol' days, when twenty-five bucks got you well on your way to a semester in college! See outer cover  $5

1971 EMILY DICKINSON COLORANO SILK CACHET STICKERS: Pair of 2 Colorano Silk #1436 cachet stickers only! These are the 1971 silk cachet stickers that went on the American Poet Emily Dickinson (Scott #1436) Colorano Silk First Day Covers. They measure roughly 2.5 x 3 inches, Ex/M condition, full color portrait of Emily Dickinson. The "silk sticker" backing was manufactured with a seam in it. Quite rare. See sample silk cachet sticker  Two for $15

1974 EASTER SEALS STAMPS Sheet of 30 Easter Seals stamps, issued by the National Easter Seal Society For Crippled Children And Adults in 1974, NM/NH, still in the original fold, unfolded sheet size 5.25 x 75 inches, sheet features 9 different stamp variations. Issued during a time when the word "crippled" was still politically correct. See sheet  $6.50

1974 CHRISTMAS STAMPS WILDLIFE '74: Sheet of 36 Christmas stamps (E5401), issued by the National Wildlife Federation in 1974, VF or better/NH, still in the original tri-fold, unfolded sheet size 6.75 x 10.5 inches, sheet features 4 sets of 9 different stamps of birds in Winter settings. Unique Christmas collectible. See sheet and sample stamps close-up  $6.50

1994 FAMOUS PEOPLE INSULT STAMPS: Two duplicate sheets of 36 B&W stamps of famous people, mostly political personalities, such as Ted Kennedy, Bob Dole, George Bush, Dan Quayle, Al Gore, etc., saying stupid and offensive things, circa-1994, XF/NH, in the original plastic slip, issued folded in half. Be aware, these contain profanity, so don't buy them if you are easily offended. See stamps  Both sheets for $8

1998 DC COMICS USPS PROMO: Celebrate The Century Backer Board, NM, 7.75 x 10.25 inches, issued in 1998-99 in conjunction with the 1930s Celebrate The Century Superman U.S. postage stamp, this backing board accompanied the sheet of stamps and features a 3-D drawing of Superman, the Flash and Green Lantern, on the back is information about the other stamps in the series and a phone number you could call to get the glasses needed to view the 3-D image. Fun item for DC completists. See promo  $4

2007 AMAZING SPIDER-MAN USPS PROMO: Marvel Stamps Save The Day! promo, NM, 6 x 9 inches, issued in 2007 in conjunction with the Marvel Comic Books U.S. postage stamps, one page slick promo with Spider-Man, Aunt May and a postal carrier who looks more like Stan Lee than Willie Lumpkin! Fun item for Marvel completists. See promo  $3

2007 STAR WARS USPS PROMO: Star Wars Limited Edition Express Mail Pre-Paid 3-Packs promo, 2007, VF/NM, 5 x 9 inches, full color promotional slick showing Yoda armed for battle, Jedi Master win a trip to L.A. to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Star Wars offer, blank back. Fun item for Star Wars completists. See promo  $4.50


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