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All covers and stamps come in glassine envelopes, crystal mount or are bagged for protection. Please see the Condition guide for grading codes. To purchase anything, see the How To Order page.

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CANADA 1950-53 POSTAGE STAMP LOT: Lot of 6, Unused, all VF or better, Hinged with only #294 having complete gum, includes Scott #294 1950 50 Oil Wells, #301 1950 10 Fur Resources, #316 1952 20 Forestry Products, #320 1952 7 Canadian Goose, #329 1953 5 Queen Elizabeth II Karsh Portrait, #330 1953 4 Queen Elizabeth II Coronation, nice early fifties grouping. See stamps  All 6 for $3

CANADA INTERNATIONAL BIOLOGICAL PROGRAM POSTAGE STAMPS: 1970, Unused, Block of 4, XF/NH, Scott #507, 6 International Biological Programme, corner block, non-perforated top and left side. See stamps  $1.25

CANADA 1976 OLYMPIC GAMES COMBAT SPORTS POSTAGE STAMPS: 1975, Unused, S/NH, Commemorating combat sports in the XXI 1976 Olympic Games in Montreal, Plate Blocks for both the Scott #B7 Fencing 8+2 and #B8 Boxing 10+5 Canadian postage stamps. See both plate blocks  Both for $4.50



ADOLF HITLER PROFILE STAMPS: 1941-44, Lot of 4, Unused, F-VF, LH, Hitler head profiles in 15, 16, 20, and 24 denominations, Nazi Germany issues. See stamps  All 4 for $1.50

DEUTSCHE POST STAMP: 1946, Unused, XF, LH, Allied Occupation, 6pf denomination. See stamp  50

LEIPZIGER MESSE STAMP: 1947, Unused, XF, Hinged, Deutsche Post, 75pf denomination. See stamp  $1



GRENADA WALT DISNEY BASEBALL POSTAGE STAMPS: 1986, Walt Disney Baseball stamps, Unused, VF or better, NH, Grenada, with Ameripex '86 Overprint, 6 different brightly colored denominations 1 - 6 cents, Mickey Mouse, Goofy, Chip & Dale, Clarabelle, Donald Duck and his Nephews are featured on the stamps. Nice lot for the Disney animation or baseball collector. See stamps  All 6 for $5


JAPAN - All Japanese Stamps are Unused, XF or better, NH.

ROAD SAFETY CAMPAIGN STAMPS: 1969, connected pair of two with margin paper, 15Y, Woman and Child crossing the road. See stamps  Pair for $1

OPENING OF JAPANESE OCEAN CABLE STAMPS: 1969, connected pair of two with margin paper, 15Y, Cable Ship KDD Manu and Map. See stamps  Pair for $1.50

16TH U.P.U. CONGRESS, TOKYO STAMP LOT: 1969, connected pairs of two with margin papers, 30Y Woman Reading a Letter (Utamaro Kitagawa) and 60Y Miyako Dennai (Sharaku Toshusai). See stamps  Both for $5.25

24TH NATIONAL ATHLETIC MEETING STAMPS: 1969, corner block of 4 with margin papers, 15Y, Rugby Football Player. See stamps  $4.50

NEW YEAR - YEAR OF THE DOG: 1969 (dated 1970), Lot of two stamps, one with margin paper, 7Y, Guardian Dog, Hokkeji Temple. See stamps  Both for $1.25

YOSHINO-KUMANO NATIONAL PARK STAMP SET: 1970, corner block of 4 with margin papers, 7Y Cherry Blossom, Mount Yoshino and 15Y Waterfall, Nachi. See stamps  Both for $6



RUSSIAN CHRISTMAS COVER: Mailed Russian Cover, Christmas Tree Image and Greeting cachet, air mail stamp printed on the envelope with a 1966 date, cancellation date possibly 1968, top ripped open causing 2 small tears in the edge face, size 4.25 x 6.25 inches, unusual Christmas collectible. See cover  $6

RUSSIAN PRE-STAMPED STATIONERY: Mailed Russian Cover, Air Mail/Jet Plane Image cachet, air mail stamp printed on the envelope with a 1966 date plus 2 additional postage stamps of a 1961 Lenin and a 1966 space stamp, cancellation dates are December 5-6, 1968, top ripped open causing a roughly 1 inch tear on the cover face edge, size approximately 4.5 x 6.25 inches. See cover  $9



RWANDA WORLD CUP SOCCER (FOOTBALL) POSTAGE STAMPS: 1966, Lot of 3, includes 20c, 30c and 50c, all VF or better, Unused, Hinged, Republique Rwandaise, front design of the earth with a soccer ball pattern on it is the same on all stamps, with each having a different background color. See stamps  All 3 for 90



WOODSTOCK Commemorative Stamp Pane. Hand signed in gold ink by Carlos Santana on the sheet just below the actual stamp, limited to an edition of 250 autographs in 1996, O/P. This stamp pane was issued to commemorate the Woodstock Music Festival Anniversary of 1969 to 1994, by the country of Tanzania in East Africa, and bears the First Day of Issue Cancellation date of May 15, 1995 with both Woodstock Dove logos in the cancellation. Both the 1969 and 1994 Woodstock Dove logos are also gold overprints on the pane. Carlos Santana appears in psychedelic glow paintings by L'aura Colan, from photos by Robert G. Warford, Jr., in full figure on the stamp and from the waist up wailing on his guitar on the left side of the sheet, which measures roughly 6 x 4.5 inches. Mounted in a finished 14.5 x 13 inch wood frame with acid free black matt and gold liner, under glass, this piece is ready to hang. Command Performance sold these from release in 1996 to sell-out in 1999. See framed piece, pane detail and signature  $222



TOGO NATIVE PICTURES POSTAGE STAMPS: 1947, Lot of 6, Unused, all VF or better, Hinged with missing gum in a spot from HH, Togo postage stamps showing the same native pictures with different colors in sets of 3, includes 10c, 30c, 50c and 60c, 1F, 1F 20, early postage stamps from Togo. See stamps  All 6 for $2

TOGOLAISE 65TH ANNIVERSARY OF POSTAGE STAMPS: 1963, Lot of 2, Unused, VF or better, NH, Republique Togolaise, stamps commemorate the 65th anniversary of Togolais postage, includes 0.30F horse drawn carriage and 0.50F ship, both feature reproductions of very early postage stamps from Togo. See stamps  Both for 90

TOGOLAISE DONALD DUCK POSTAGE STAMPS: 1984, Donald Duck 50th Anniversary stamps, Unused, VF or better, NH, Republique Togolaise, 6 different brightly colored denominations 1F, 2F, 3F, 5F, 10F, and 15F, Donald on all stamps along with Daisy, Goofy, Chip & Dale, and one of his nephews. Nice lot for the Disney animation collector. See stamps  All 6 for $5



YEMEN OLYMPIC GAMES POSTAGE STAMPS: 1968, Lot of 12 different used/cancelled Olympic Games stamps, from Royalist Yemen: issued May 31, 1968, Winter Olympic Games from 1924 to 1968, Athletes and Flags, Regular Postage 3 b. (1932, Lake Placid, US Hockey), 4 b. (1936, Garmisch Partenkirchen, Luge) and 6 b. (1948, Saint-Moritz, Swiss Speed Skating - chip out of top right corner perforations.), Air Mail 12 b. (1956, Cortina D'Ampezzo, Italy Bobsled) and 28 b. (1968, Grenoble, France, Downhill Skiing); from Yemen Arab Republic: issued September 10, 1968, 1968 Winter Olympic Games Grenoble, France Gold Medal Winners, Regular Postage 1/4 b. Peggy Fleming (chip out of bottom perforations), 1/3 b. Franco Nones, 1/2 b. Jiri Raska, 2 b. Soviet Hockey Team, Air Mail 3 b. Jean-Claude Killy, 4 b. Erhard Keller, and issued September 30, 1968, 1968 Summer Olympic Games - Mexico City, Mexico - Greek and Mexican folk art, Regular Postage 1/4 b. Fun lot filled with Olympic history. See all stamps  All 12 for $2


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